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Happy Cube 6-Pack The Profi Cube

Happy bvba

Age: 7 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $17.99

MSRP (USD): $17.99

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While they had no difficulty fitting the pieces back into the frames and making 2D designs, most of our testers found it too difficult to construct the 3D cubed shapes shown on the box. The fine print on the bottom of the box refers to an information sheet (which might have helped?), but our samples included only the six 6 pices puzzle frames. 




You have to be very patient to play with this time. It is very hard to do so you have to have a lot of patience.



The foam is good, it is just like a puzzle but you cna make lots of things.

I liked that you can make anything you think of .... I made a cube and a rectangular prism.  And we studies 3D shapes in school.



I couldn't make any of these cubes. I wish I could have made one. It was very hard to put together.



I liked doing these challenges. No one else could do them but me and I did them all. A great puzzle challenge!



This puzzle is fun to play, very interesting, and is also very hard to make. Besides for all of its difficulties, I really like this game. 



Was easy putting pieces back in frames, but too hard to make cubes. Cool colors.


Iwona V.


Great puzzle, but not for young kids. My daughter (8) could not put the cubes together and got very discouraged. Me and my husband have been playing with it though, and find it very challenging. The girls will just put the pieces together as a flat puzzle rather than a cube.

Jennifer B.


I found this toy boring. It has nice colors, and it looks appealing but there's not much to it. I didn't like that there was not a container for the pieces to fit in when not put together. If you don't figure them out in one sitting, they will not fit back in box for storage. Even if the kids do figure out the puzzle, there's not much excitement in this game. The instructions are not good.

Amy C.


For what it is a little pricey. That said Lyra(7) enjoys remaking different shapes with the pieces.  Her class is studying 3D shpes and she is trying to recreate them with the pieces.

Sarah G.


This toy is far too complex for children. My daughter (7) enjoyed punching out the shapes, but she cannot put together even one cube! (This is a kid who is fantastic with puzzles.) She did play with it with a cousin who is her same age and they just enjoyed "building" different shapes with it on the floor. As well, it has so many pieces that it is hard for them not to get lost. We have put all the pieces together in a container - and since we have done that she has not shown any interest in it or played with it again.

Eric C.


Very good for spacial development for kids. It's not too complicated, but has the right number of peices to allow for creativity. 

Rebecca Y.


A challenging puzzle, which requires a lot more patience than a typical 7 year old has. My son (7), who is a puzzle fanatic, did have the patience and loved it and worked through all the challenges. My other kids (F9, M6), were just not as enthusiastic and got too frustrated with it, although they enjoyed the challenge of getting the pieces back in the foam rectangles that they came in!


Manufacturer Description

The Profi Cube series is teh second most difficult one for the age group 7+ years. Each series consists of 6 different cubes in different difficulties. you can build 6 single cubes and you can combine all 6 cubes to many shapes for never ending fun.

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  • Each set includes 6 puzzles