Age: 8 years and up

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I liked that it was charades, but I didn't like that the words were so complicated. I could barely figure out what some of the words mean. In my opinion I think this game should be ages 12 or up unless there were easier words for different aged kids or adults.



What I like about this game is that it's fun to try and beat a record and guess words and act them out. What I don't like about it is that the words are very tricky for younger people.



This version added a fun twist to the regular head-bandz game. It is so much fun acting it out and it is very funny to see what the person thinks you are acting out. when I played this game with a group of friends we all really enjoyed and had a blast.



It's good as a family game and better than regular Headbanz. It's really funny to watch people act it out, and it's really funny when everyone knows what it is but the person who is guessing.


Marie-Lise H.

What a lot of fun! Our family is a little different, my 9 yr old son and I speak in Sign Language, we had the most problems playing...since we didn't want to cheat and use a sign (let's face it we would win hands down) or finger spell, it was hard to act up the word in a different way. We had a hilarious time. My mother just could not stay mute, she would make sound effects on everything. Great family game and the words are for the most part really easy to act out.

Joyce S.

We had a lot of fun with this version. It makes headbanz into more of a charade game. I find it better than the old version which was a little difficult to guess. We played this game from age 5 to 15. It was fun for all ages but best for the older crowd. Lots of cheering and laughing went on as the guesser tried to guess and the others tried to act it out or try not to answer. Really a lot of fun. The kids (15, 12) were really funny acting out the clues and we all looked pretty funny with our headbanz on. This game worked especially well with my older daughter (15) and her friends. They felt the older [previous] version of Head Bandz was for younger kids, while this one was great for older kids. From the laughter and the shouting of answers, I would say they are right.


Manufacturer Description

Hedbanz Act Up! is the fast-acting family game where everyone's a star! Each player draws a Game Card and puts it in their headband for everyone else to see. On your turn roll the die - whoever's headband matches your roll will act out clues to your card. Can you guess what's on your head before time runs out? Hedbanz Act Up! is family fun for 2-6 players ages 8+. Act fast with Hedbandz Act Up!

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