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Hide and Eeek!™


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $14.99

MSRP (USD): $13.99

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Our testers were surprised to see the complexity of this game, but it was a good surprise, and the game quickly became a favourite. Game play is a satisfying mix of memory, strategy and ever changing dynamics. A card that's worthless on one turn, may suddenly be highly sought after the next turn - all depending on the roll of a die. Even the way you move - horizontally, vertically or a combination of both - offers strategy-enhancing flexibility. Two dice are rolled. One die indicates the number of spaces you'll move, as well as whether you will end your turn leaving the last card picked/replaced face up or face down. During the game, there will always be a selection of face up or face down cards - lucky for you if the card you need is still face up, but only a good memory will help you move the mouse next to a face down card you need. The second die dictates whether the card you pick needs simply be an even or an odd number - a 50-50 chance. Or, if the number it represents must be either higher or lower than the last card you earned (showing face up on your discard pile). And of course, there's an element of fun - why else have a mouse scurrying through a grid of elephants. Look closely each time a new card is revealed. There is a 1 in 5 chance you'll find the mouse hiding somewhere on the card. Find him and grab the 3D mouse figure to win the card and take the next turn. Note: The game requires enough table space to lay out a grid of 36 playing cards.




I always try to win cards by being the first to see the mouse and scream Eeek! The mouse and elephant cards are really funny. I like rolling the dice because they are not like regular dice.



I love screaming Eeek when I find a mouse and then getting the card! It's hard to set up - I never want to set it up myself. The mouse is silly and the special dice are cool. It's a fun game to play! 



The game Hide and Eeek is a great mixture of the games memory match and some luck to it too. It's so much fun concentrating on every card to see if it has a mouse so you can grab the mouse and screech eek! I like that sometimes the cards end up face up and sometimes face down. Fun to play.



I’ve never seen anything like this game before. When you have to grab the mouse it is fun but the cards get mixed up when you do. We had to set the board up again almost every time we had to grab the mouse. It would be a good game for little kids to play because it is cute, although it is a bit trickier than it looks. It is not all that complicated; I think that it could be played by kids that are 6+.



Some of the elephants on the cards are really cute to look at and I had fun looking through the cards. The game is harder than I thought it would be. Grabbing the mouse can be harder for little kids. There is a bit of luck but some strategy to it as well. The strategy is in moving to an area where there are already cards showing that you need. It is cute that it is a mouse that is scaring an elephant. There is one card that could trick you because the elephant is looking scared but there is no mouse there. There should be a consequence to grabbing the mouse when there is no mouse there because the way it is someone can grab the mouse every time. The packaging is really neat.


Rebecca Y.


I was expecting pure silliness from this game and was pleasantly surprised. There is some strategy involved, some memory skills and a bit of math. The cards are very cute – all the elephants are in different poses and the mouse is fun to play with. My kids (5, 6 & 9) really had fun though the 5 year old needed some help with figuring out what numbers were even/odd. They didn't like the effort it took to set up the game but it didn't deter them from taking it out and playing. They loved the added challenge of searching for the mouse on each card though it caused a lot of fights over who spotted it and called Eeek first. I would have prefered to play without that rule but they thought it was hilarious. You can adjust the game to last however long you want. The rules are straightforward, it's fun and it has the bonus of working on some basic math and memory skills! A win-win situation!

Joyce S.


I loved the pictures of the elephants on these cards - cleverly drawn and funny.  The game was a fun version of concentration with getting cards higher or lower than the what you had with and additional twist of spotting a mouse which may be hiding on the cards.  I needed my glasses for this part as couldn't find the mice fast enough without them. 

Laurie T.


The box is really cool with the pictures on the sides of the inside box – very colourful! The game is more fun than I thought it would be. The outside of the box as well as the name makes it seem like it would be for younger kids but the GameWright name encouraged me to play it. It was much more than the outside of the box suggests. It has some strategy to the game in how and where you move the mouse on your turn to place it beside cards that are already showing and that you could use. To make it more challenging, you could up the number of cards that it takes to win as well as install penalties for grabbing the mouse when their turns out to be no mouse on the card. We did make a rule that you had to flip the card so that all could see it right away.


Manufacturer Description

One hundred giant elephants are running amok, but one tiny mouse has got their number! Roll the dice and move the mouse around the board, searching high and low for elephants that are either higher or lower than the number on your card. If you spot a mouse hiding on a card, shout “Eeek!” and grab the mouse figurine before it scampers away! You’ll need to have a memory like an elephant and be quick as a mouse to win!

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  • 100 elephant cards


  • The game with one hundred elephants and a mouse