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Hog Wild Poppers: Squeezable Soft Foam Shooters

Hog Wild

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $11.95

MSRP (USD): $9.95

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Good ctive fun - especially with lots of kids and lots of running space. Just stuuf a ball in teh mouth and squeeze the belly for a fun pop that sends the soft foam ball flying - up to 20 feet, depending of the force of te pop. Our youngest testers had some initial difficulites, so probably a better bet for kids older than 4+. While the 'cutesy' animal styling may seem a little babyish for older ages, it didn't seem to both our testers. In fact, if anything they seemed a litle amused by the comic charm of the "fun" styilng.




It is really easy to shoot - you just squeeze the cow's belly. I like aiming it at a target. I always hit the middle of our target (100 points!). It is just a really fun toy and it is really funny because it is a cow.



This monkey is pretty funny. He can really shoot the balls far. My friend and i took turns chasing each other. My sister likes to play with the monkey too. She always tried to get me!



It was so awesome! It is the best for playing tag and you're just running around and shooting and you can carry around the extra balls in a little bag and then pick them all up at the end of the game because everyone has their own colour.



I want to be cow-popped!



I like that the cow and pig can look like they are kissing. I think they are friends.



I love popping their bellies to try and hit my parents and friends, but not in the face.



I like that it is an animal because that makes it look more fun. The cow looks like it is barfing because the balls are green and you squeeze its stomach. You have to really push the ball into the cow's mouth to get it to shoot far. Sometimes when you are shooting balls really fast, you need to blow air into its mouth to keep it going. I like that it is small - you can hide it and then surprise someone with an attack.


Renée D.


Comment from April 12th: The boys (M4, M3) only started playing with this toy and they just love it. Olivier (4) thought it was hilarious to shoot the ball at Daddy (you wouldn't want to shoot it at someone's face, but it certainly doesn't hurt otherwise!). Simon kept squealing that it was shooting against the door and "going downtown". It seems like a really fun toy! We'll have to wait and see whether it has staying power.

E D.

At first, this toy had 4 kids giggling in turns (F5, M4, M3, M2). They were each interested in it for short stretches and thought it was hilarious to shoot it at the walls and ceiling. Olivier (4) had a good laugh shooting it at daddy (it doesn't hurt at all though they recommend not shooting it in the face). It was also fun outdoors and had a few neighborhood kids wanting to stop by to try it out. It's an inexpensive and fun toy. It seems like a really fun toy, so I am rather surprised that the Popper has been sitting around unused for the past few days. I will suggest to the boys (M4, M3) that we play with it tonight and see their reaction.

Sandra W.

Everyone had fun with the Pig Popper. F5 had some difficulty squeezing the ball out of the pig`s mouth initially but that was because she pushed the ball in too hard. F3 was able to use it right away. Would be more fun if we had 2 or more poppers at the same time. Small foam balls do not hurt when they land on you but they could be a choking hazard. The kids even played with the cute pig without using the balls. Hard to keep track of the balls though.

Liz H.


I was quite surprised by how much both my children (F11, M6) have enjoyed this toy! When we received it I was surprised by how small it was and thought it looked a little odd. I thought that my kids wouldn't be interested in it. After they both used it, they loved how far it could shoot the balls! They have had a great time shooting targets, seeing who could launch balls the furthest and of course chasing each other!

Renee R.


I think you need to get at least two of these to turn it into a fun game. Otherwise, it ends up being popped a certain number of times and the novelty wears off. Though it might work for slightly older kids (5 and older?) if they use it to play a modified game of tag.

Jo M.

My kids (ages F6, F8 and M9) are playing with the pig and cow shooters. They all have fun shooting the little balls at each other. They say the balls don't hurt when they get hit. The cow and pig are very cute. Sometimes if you stick the ball in too far it is hard to shoot the ball so you need to pull it out a bit and then squeeze to shoot. They come with little mesh baggies to store the balls but they are still easy to misplace.

Annie D.

We've had a lot of fun as a family with this toy. My 4 year old son was not able to press hard enough to make the ball pop very far, therefore, we played with him and chased him around the house and made fun family nights. Great exercises for the parents.

Allison M.

The toys work really well and they can really launch far. Our 4 year old struggles to push them hard enough to launch much. She is able to launch the pig slightly better then the cow. The toy seems to have a slight mismatch between the cute animals that are geared towards younger kids and the physical ability to push hard enough to launch the balls very well.

Jennifer Y.

The Moo Popper is easy and safe to use. I suggest one for each member of the family for backyard battle or inside rainy day fun. Both Jack (M8) and Chloe (F6) could shoot the balls 20 ft by squeezing the cow's belly. The balls are released with a satisfying 'pop' sound. The belly plastic is not quite flexible enough - it takes a few seconds for the belly to re-inflate so that you can shoot the next ball. A mesh bag to store the balls in is provided. The kids also enjoyed setting up a bull's eye target and seeing who had the best aim. We are also testing Hog Wild's Atomic Shield and my husband and I and the kids all preferred the shield. It is tricky to hold the Moo Popper and the 6 balls, it takes time to load each ball and the balls only go 20 ft. All 6 balls can be loaded in the Atomic Shield at once, they can be shot in quick succession and fly 40 ft. The Moo Popper balls and Atomic Shield balls are interchangeable. They are small and soft and harmless - good for inside or out.

Jennifer F.

Give these to a few kids in a big running space and you have a fun (and fairly safe!) game. The balls popping out of the animals mouth was kind of funny, and the balls don't shoot very hard, so combined with a game of tag, or trying to hit various targets, this was lots of fun for 6 & 7 year old boys. They also discovered if you stomp on the animal, the ball goes VERY far (still works!) and into the neighbours' yard. Kids as young as 4 could get a good "Pop" (and that was enough fun to get some giggles, even if it didn't shoot very far) and the kids up to age 8 had a great game of tag using the same toy. The kids did complain the plastic was a bit stiff, but perhaps that's what makes it such a sturdy toy. It has been toted around to different houses and left out on the deck several nights and still looks new. At $12 a bit pricey but definitely a toy I'd pick up on sale.


Manufacturer Description

Just squeeze the belly to launch the soft foam balls. The harder you squeeze, the further it shoots—up to 20 feet. Air powered and safe for both indoor and outdoor play. Includes six soft foam balls and convenient carry net. Works with all Power Popper refills. Available in a wide variety of animal styles and themes, our kiddi testers are playing with the Pig Popper, the Sock Monkey Popper and the Moo Popper. 

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