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Mattel, Inc.

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

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This was complicated to put it together.  The shooting the is the only fun part abotu this toy - and it doesn't work right.



This is the coolest toy, but why won't it work??? Can you look it up on the computer to figure it out. Look I can join them together. I lost the missiles under my bed. I really like this vehicle, but wish it worked like it shows on the box.



This is like the best car ever! It separates into 2 different cars and a small car inside and together they are an unstoppable force! There is a part that comes up and it shoots a net, you can catch the bad guys or it can catch the little car that shoots out the front of the vehicle and guide it to where it needs to go. The command center looks normal enough until you flip the switch and the top comes up and you're ready for battle. Awesome!



I play with these a lot of the time especially with Petshops. I pretend that they are mega dog catchers or something similar. I love them and play with them every chance I get! I play with the two cars separated but they always play together. I also play with them with other big cars and machinery I use the net to capture petshops and other littler cars (that would fit in the net). What I don’t like is that the cars that fit in there have to be specific like a certain shape or something. So none of the cars that I have fit in there!


Julianne B.


This toy is impossible to put together.  The one time assembly instruction was difficult to do.  I had to push to the point of almost breaking it to get it together.  The launch portion never did work properly. 

Marc T.


Zoé really likes this because it does what it says it will do.  Fun design with the transformer coming out becoming a shooting weapon that actually shoots. The two cars that are separate and can be brought together to make one vehicle. Due to her pleasure with it, definitely a purchase that I would be happy having made.

Jennifer Y.


Argh! I hate disappointing an excited child when I cannot get the new toy out of the box to function as it is supposed to. I am having troubles with the 'one time assembly' instructions. I do as the pictures show, but we cannot get the pop-up weapon to stay down and closed so that the button can be pressed to activate. Am I doing something wrong? Is the toy faulty? I'll have to get my husband to check this one out. My son is still very intrigued by the toy and is enjoying playing with it, but is frustrated also.

Mireille S.


A decent set for the money. It comes with 2 big vehicles that open up and convert, and there is also a smaller car included that fits inside the other two. Ryan, who's 4, calls these the Robot Cars. He likes playing with this set, launching the included missiles and hiding the car inside the bigger ones. There is a launcher for the little car inside one of the bigger vehicles, but you have to hold it until you are ready to launch. That was kind of disappointing. Most of the time these launchers lock into place until you push a button, but this one didn't have that feature. It would have been nice if we would have been able to lock the launcher into place, and then close up the vehicle and have the smaller car come out as a surprise.

Marie-Lise H.


Cool car. Sébastien ( 8 ) and Kaï (6) really like it. I kinda like the part that there are no sound effects. the car separates in 2 and there is a smaller car that is inside, both boys can play together and decide to link up to face whatever threat to world peace they find in the living room. I like the fact that the kids show has a Canadian element, I think it is created here.


Manufacturer Description

Based on the action-packed animated series, this sleekly designed Mobile Command Center features a die-cast car launcher and storage for his 1:64-scale Battle Force 5™ team vehicles. Ready for combat? Transform into battle mode with the pop-up missile turrets and launching projectiles. From the popular TV show, set in a fantasy world of crash-and-bash vehicular combat! Includes one Hot Wheels® Battle Force 5™ car with BattleZone edition decoration Kids can travel from one out-of-this-world mission to another.

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