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Mattel, Inc.

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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This 'mini' monster truck is still a good-sized handful, with lots of play value on its own. The set consists of a slam down lever that shoots the truck flying at a choice of three targets: ride over the dummy cars, crash through the billboard sign, or side-swipe the tanker truck causing it to explode. A fun little set full of exciting mayhem and a whole lot of play appeal. A huge hit with our kid-testers.




My brother (5) and I really like this toy. I like making the monster truck crash into the gate and over the cars. It's fun to see how far we can make it go.



I like the crash action. I like being able to make the big tanker explode when the monster truck crashes into it. It breaks it into a bunch of pieces, like "Smash!". And then I put the truck back together and smash it again. I've put the truck on it's side, put the coloured cars on top of it, and smashed it again. It was really fun! And I can even jump right over the truck and the cars with the monster truck. The car flies into the air and doesn't even touch them. That's cool! It's Hot Wheels, but just for crashing.



This toy was awesome! I could smash the handle and the truck went crash and made the big truck explode open. I had fun making the truck smush the cars and then setting them back up to be smushed again.



I like this toy because you can shoot the monster truck. The truck can crash the screen, hit the cars or blow up the truck. I play with my friend Tyler (6 yrs). He likes smashing the truck through the screen the best! I played with my friend, Bruno (6 yrs.) and he thought it was pretty cool, too. You can crush the truck and the front and the back flips off.



This is a great toy. You know why I like to set up the course and then watch the truck smash the wall? Because it is so neat. I can do this forever. Sometimes I just set it up and I just watch the truck smash. So cool!! Neat!!


Julie Q.

Our boys (both 5) loved this toy. It kept them entertained for almost two hours. They had a lot of fun crashing the monster truck into all the included obstacles.

Mireille S.


It had been a long time since my 7 year old played with a Hot Wheels set and had so much fun. The track is simple, it doesn't take up a lot of room and it provides many hours of enjoyment. This is a truly complete set. All the pieces are included and there is no real need for additional vehicles to be purchased. It has everything your child needs to set the stage for the perfect crash, with lots of fun and laughter along the way.

Krista M.


This was an easy to set up fun track. My daughters (F3, F5) loved that I was encouraging them to crash into things. The monster truck was very easy for them to launch. They could set up the sign and the cars by themselves and only needed a little help with the exploding truck. It was a very simple track, but as it was quick to set up, they didn't get tired or frustrated with it during the testing period.

Orietta M.


I have to admit it was not very appealing to me as I didn't see the joy in this toy initially. my son 6 proved me wrong as he just loves to play with this toy. He gets a kick of setting it up by himself and watching the truck hit things particularly the bill board sign. He makes all kinds of games and stories as to why the truck gets into an accident..great for imaginative play.

Liz H.


My son's (Sean, 5 yrs.) interest in this toy has gradually decreased with time. I like that there are 3 different options with this toy, but the development of play is pretty limited. You can 'blast' 3 cars, a target or a large truck. When my son has played with this set, play usually results in a competition regarding who can hit which target the most. Very little imaginitive play which seems to ensue. Compared with other Hot Wheel sets, this product does take up less room and is fairly easy for little ones to put together on their own.


Manufacturer Description

Start the Monster Jam Madness! - It's three times the mayhem for Monster Jam fans! With this exciting set, boys can play out blasting into the arena for a series of challenging competitions that mirror the World Finals. Enjoy all the crushing, smashing, exploding action with three launch paths and a die-cast Monster Jam truck that's ready to destroy the competition.

Three Crash Zones for the Ultimate Stadium Destruction - Use the Slam Blast Launcher to send the Monster Jam truck speeding. Which launch path should you take? It's totally up to you! Roll right over those three crushed cars. Or try to get big air and knock out the breakaway video screen for big-time impact! Plus, there's another obstacle in the arena — a tanker! Aim for the tanker's activation button and watch it explode when hit. It's endless annihilation!

Keep Revving Up the Thrills - Boys will love taking all the action and thrills into their own hands. They can adjust the racing distance and ramp height for jumping, stunting fun and then add additional Monster Jam trucks (sold separately) to amp up the competition. Plus, the freestanding exploding tanker can be moved around the arena to mix up the massive explosions. With so many awesome challenges and opportunities for destruction, the Triple Blast Arena Set lets boys test their own skills over and over again — and stage the ultimate face-offs with friends!

What's in the Box? - Arena set includes one die-cast truck, one exploding tanker, and three crushed cars.

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  • Tons of crashing fun for your Monster Jam fan!