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Mattel, Inc.

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $49.99

MSRP (USD): $40.99

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Our kid-testers say they enjoyed this set more than the Hyper Speed Showdown - mostly due to the battery powered booster which seemed to help the tops spin faster - although, unfortunately still not always with enough power to ensure the spiner makes it all the way round the track. Like the other set, this one comes with only one spinner. Fortunately, most of our testing famliies were evaluating both sets, because the play is much better with two spinners. 




This toy is awesome because it has a motor that makes the discs go super fast. It is a great toy!



I like to play with this toy sometimes. Usually, I play with my friend Tyler (6yrs). It is more fun if you put two Spinshotz on the track at the same time. We try to make them battle and race!



I like that I can either make the spinner start off slowly and then it hits the fast corner and it goes very fast! I like it when there is 2 spinners and they hit and Bang! one flies off the track



I had a whole lot of fun playing with this track, I liked seeing how fast the spinner would go around the power boost corner. It was fun with 2 spinners so that my brother had his own and we could do races and trying to create collisions



I can't get the top to spin around the whole track. It always stops part of the way and then falls off the track. This sucks.



This toy is better than the other, but the people who make this toy still have some work to do. The starter sometimes breaks off and doesn't always work. But, I really like that I can change where it goes. And the spinner with batteries can make it go real fast.



When you put the disk on the track and then you press a button it goes super fast. I like shooting it off the track and watching it spin.



This track is wicket!, I like how easy it is to wind up the spinners, the little corner machine does it for you, and you can choose how fast you want them to go. This track is fun to watch , but after a while it gets boring to just see them spin, it was a lot more fun when I added the Hot Wheels® Spinshotz™ Hyper Speed Showdown track to it, the tracks can connect to each other so we could have a huge track if we had more of them. that would be totally awesome!



This track is wicked! I had a whole lot of fun playing with this track, I liked seeing how fast the spinner would go around the power boost corner. It was more fun with two spinners so that my brother had his own and we could do races and trying to create collisions. I like how easy it is to wind up the spinners, the little corner machine does it for you, and you can choose how fast you want them to go.



I liked this way better than the showdown set - I really like the motor on this toy. It makes the spinner go faster and faster. I also like that I can turn the knobs to make it go different. I can change the speed, and where it goes. I tried running more than one spinner, and it works, but not like the picture where it shows a cool battle. I tried to connect it to the other set [Hyper Speed Showdown], but there wasn't enough connecting pieces. I would play with this toy sometimes, but not all the time, and not with other people.


Marie-Lise H.

This set was played with a lot more than the Hyperspeed showdown. My boys (11 & 9) had fun playing with the speed and trying to make the spinners collide. We had two spinners as we were also testing another set. I would recommend having more than one spinner, it made a huge difference in how the boys played. When there is only one spinner, only one boy could play and the other was stuck just looking. When they each had their spinner they could root for it and try to win. The two different tracks do not have enough connectors so that the tracks could be used together, it was either one area could be used or the other since we were unable to make a home-made connector.

Tara R.


The kids love that they can control speed and direction with this set. It really ups the ante for spinners and tracks. While I might complain that the motor is incredibly loud (the kids have to shout to hear each other over it), I can also say that at least I know what they are up to if I'm elsewhere in the house. And, there's no danger of it accidentally being left on.

Jennifer Y.


Jack (M8) was excited about this set - especially once we bought the required C batteries. He connected part of the Hyperspeed Showdown to it. He plays with it - once in awhile, but there is not really much to do....watch it spin around the track. Friends who have come over have not been interested in playing with the set. At $50 it is an expensive once in while toy that takes up room on the floor with no easy way to store.

Liz H.


My son (Sean, 6yrs.) has really seemed indifferent to this toy. When friends (M6) have come over and expressed interest, he seems excited to play with it; however, when on his own, he play is sporadic. The Spinshotz seems to work pretty well, but my son seems to lose interest rather quickly. The toy required a fair amount of time to assemble and it seems best to keep it assembled between plays which make it difficult to store.

Rebecca Y.


The boys (M9, M8, M5) have not touched this toy since the first few attempts at trying to make it work. The motor is not powerful enough to launch the top through the tracks and it gets knocked off at the beginning of the track. The manual launcher doesn't do any better of a job. The kids have been extremely frustrated with this set. I'm quite disappointed since it had such potential, if it only worked.....

Susan C.


My son age 5 thought this was the coolest toy from the outside and couldn't wait to get it out of the box. It was easy to assemble and once we found the batteries we got it going the way it was meant to. My son quickly lost interest after the set up though and only played with it at first for about 5 minutes. The toy seems limited in what it could do but we will leave it out and see.

Mike R.


Assembly: Not a big fan of the packaging. Opening the box doesn't make it ideal for storing the toy later (which you need to due to all the plastic pieces). Plus they packaged the instruction leaflet in a closed plastic bag. Really!? The instructions were really small, not really facilitating our assembly much. Initial Experience: It took us a couple days after assembly to use this, as we didn't have 'C' batteries kicking around (who does). Some toys still work without the batteries, this one does not at all. The batteries power a wheel that speeds the tops around a course. The boys were instantly fascinated with launching and watching the tops spin around the course. They experimented with the various speeds, and paths around the course. Both of them had difficulty with the 'launcher' that started the top moving. Play was about 15 minutes before they moved on. Initial Assessment: Even at the US price of $41 I think you can get better bang for your buck elsewhere. But at the Cdn premium of $50 I think interest will wane too quickly. We'll see in the coming weeks.


Manufacturer Description

Set Your World Spinning and Stunting! - Technologically advanced SpinShotz hyper-speed track discs deliver top speed and innovative play, and now this modular boosted stunt track lets kids race, accelerate, and fly through the set! One special-edition SpinShotz disc is included, but you can add additional discs (sold separately) to amp up the mayhem and competition!

Built for Optimum Acceleration - Launch the SpinShotz disc into action on the Super Boost Spinway with a pullback of the launcher. The hyper-speed track disc accelerates as it races down the Magna Grip track, designed for achieving maximum speed and performing awesome stunts. As the disc spins, it maneuvers the course in unique and thrilling ways, and boys can use the speed booster to add a surge of power!

Put Your Own Spin on the Action - Use the two diverters on the Super Boost Spinway to direct the flow, alter the action, and cause collisions! See how many discs you can zoom around the track for a high-speed chase. Who will stay on track, and who will spin off and crash? SpinShotz discs are even stackable, so kids can get up to four discs stacking while spinning! It’s total spin-sanity!

Expand the Fun and Build the Momentum! - The reconfigurable, modular-designed Magna Grip track on the Super Boost Spinway lets boys build out their set and customize the play. Super Boost Spinway easily connects to other SpinShotz sets (sold separately), so kids can add more track and mix up the stunts. They’ll love challenging themselves during solo play or competing with friends for lots of thrilling adventures!

What’s in the Box? - Set includes one SpinShotz track disc, one 2-speed booster, two diverters, and track pieces

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  • Lots of exciting playtime for Hot Wheels fans!