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Hot Wheels® Ultimate Garage

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $114.99

MSRP (USD): $99.99

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The ultimate play centre for Hot Wheels fans! This is a truly magnificent play set with lots of room to store cars (36 parking spots for starters) plus several play zones - six that come with the set plus numerous places to attach the sets you already own. Our teters especially loved the shark, the race track and elevators. But it's really, really big, so best suited in the homes of dedicated car-play fans where there's enough room to keep it set up for daily play. The assembly itself was straight forward and easy, although it took significant time to apply all the decals - but these certainly added plenty of exciting detail to stir the imagination. Overall, a great set that was totally loved and enjoyed by our corps of play testers.




It has lots of levels and separate spots - not just lines, there are barriers, so the cars stay in their spot so the cars don't just drive out by themselves if you bump it a bit. We have played with lots of garages at lots of kids houses so I think it is the best of all the garages. It is really cool where it goes down the ramp and it might get eaten by the shark but no always, That really makes it more fun. I think anyone who likes Hot Wheels would like it.



This is the best toy ever. I like everything about the garage: the elevators, the shark, the race track, the cool sound effects - EVERYTHING!!!



This is the best toy ever. I like everything about the garage: the elevators, the shark, the race track, the cool sound effects - EVERYTHING!!! I told all my friends about it and everyone came over to my house and we all played with it for hours! It's the best!


Estelle M.

Wow! This set is made to impress! It's a really good toy and right from the start this toy makes a huge impact. The shark track is brilliant! The kids love it when their cars get chomped. The best part is the shark is easy to re-set, and requires no batteries. It's been a couple of weeks, and the kids still love playing with it. It's not always their first choice, but it's still popular in this household with both my daughter (f7) and my son (m5). They especially love to play together. It's big enough for multiple kids to play with simultaneously, and both side ramps are able to accommodate 2 cars, so it's great for my kids. The side ramps (for going up and down) are the big hits in this household. Making cars go flying (literally and figuratively) is apparently very important when playing. The multiple ramps and making the cars shoot up the elevators help achieve this. And the sound effects are pretty realistic (not cheesy sounding at all). It's surprisingly portable, despite the size. When you carry it from one room to another, it pretty much stays intact. That says a lot for the quality of Hot Wheels. And there's been no sign of any wear and tear. The only drawback is when the cars go down the side tracks really fast, they travel quite far, and can get lost under furniture. But this is easily solved by placing a crash barrier for the cars when they come down the ramps. Unfortunately, it doesn't come pre-stickered, which adds a good 30-40 minutes to the assembly! On it's own, zone 1 (the central parking garage structure) takes up quite a bit of real estate. When you add zones 2 and 3 (the ramps and shark tunnel at the sides, it doubles the size of the space needed and becomes much more of a permanent play piece. I found that with the central garage alone (zone 1) there was plenty of play space for 2 children to play without fighting. Due to the large size, and the immediate appeal to kids of all ages, this would be ideal for playdates with friends since it can easily accomodate multiple children at once. It would also be great for a daycare or kindergarten classroom, or even a doctor's or dentist's waiting room! One improvement would be to put a small ledge or lip at the edge of each garage floor, so when you're transporting / moving the set, the cars don't roll off and get lost.

Oswald C.

Other Relative

Wow! I didn't have anything like this when I was a kid. It's fun, and the kids like playing with it a lot, but they'd rather play on their iPads more than this. I'm not sure about the long term replay value with a toy this size.

Annie D.

I don't even know where to start with this toy. Huge, takes a lot of room but kept both of my boys (5 and 1.5 years old) busy for hours! Having 36 parking spots, 8 play areas, the fire station that lights up + noise and so many ramps. Incredible!

Wendy K.

Wow! What a toy! My son was so excited to play with it that he couldn't even wait for me or my husband to set it up with him - he put it together mostly by himself and then our 11 year old neighbour helped him finish. By the time I was called in, the entire garage was set up with the 5 cars it came with plus all of the other cars we own. My son told all of our neighbours about it so my house has been very busy since he set it up. He loves it and so does my 4 year old! Honestly, I'm surprised that my son still likes this toy. Typically, he gets bored of hotwheels within the first couple of weeks, but this garage has so much to it that it really maintained its play value. My son typically won't play with it by himself anymore, but it's still the first toy he wants to play with a friend whenever someone is over (and our neighbours come over almost everyday, so he plays with it frequently). As a parent I always find it hard to justify spending over $100 on a toy, but this really is a great toy that 3 or even 4 kids can play with at the same time. And it's huge. That's really my only criticism. I just wish it could fold up or easily disassemble somehow. It takes up so much space!

Jennifer F.

This is a pretty impressive garage. My 7 year old played with this for several hours straight after set up. Wow! And it definitely has long term appeal, so based on the size parents should be prepared to set aside a significant space for the garage and for inevitable town that is going to crop up around it. Every kid who tried this out from M3 - M9 loved it! M9 attached another Hot Wheels set and considers the space some sort of kid paradise and was so excited to invite friends over for official testing! There is lots of space for multiple kids to play together, and it has parking for dozens of Hot Wheels. M7 played almost daily with this set and most enjoyed the ramp where occasionally the car would get eaten on the way down. There is a lot of activity - enough that when M7 and M9 were playing together there is plenty of room for them to both have lots of space. It is great on its own but we ended up attaching other hot wheels sets to it, too. The colour zoned parking garage makes for a lovely display of colour sorted hot wheels. :) All the kids (and me too) liked that each level of the garage was a popular Hot Wheels colour so the cars could be parked in a colour-coordinated fashion! The helicopter that can pick up hot wheels is probably the favourite feature for M7, although the ramp with a shark that occasionally chomps down on exiting cars is a close second. This is a set that I can see being a favourite for a long time! Only drawback is price and the space it took up. The kids really liked it, so I can overlook the size - but definitely not easy to fold up and put away, so needs a playspace with quite a bit of extra room.


Manufacturer Description

Discover mega action and big adventures with the Ultimate Garage. This is the biggest Hot Wheels® garage EVER! With a variety of things to do, kids will be entertained for hours! And with 36 spots to park, kids can showcase and store all of their favorite cars. Once you’ve loaded your vehicles, take them on a variety of wild adventures. From air to land to sea, this set covers it all! An included helicopter waits on the helipad for the fire engine bell to sound -- and light up -- so it can fly to the rescue. Or make waves at the pier. Cars coming down the spiral will want to avoid becoming shark bait -- this menace likes to munch! Keep the action rolling on land with two elevators, two ramps and a classic city scene. See which car is the fastest in a side-by-side race! Fuel up and tune up at the gas station and tune-up shop, both with realistic details. This garage serves up a world of Hot Wheels® excitement and hours of fun all in one epic play set. Includes five Hot Wheels® vehicles plus a helicopter to get the action started right away. And if that’s not enough to stay entertained for hours, connect to other track and play sets (sold separately) to create an entire world of Hot Wheels®! Colors and decorations may vary.

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