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Weaving is a difficult skill to master, but this is one of the best introductory kits we've ever seen. With any weaving project, most kids need help both getting it started, as well as for finishing the last few rows (when the weave gets quite right) – and this kit was no exception. But using shoelaces is very clever -  they're wide and flat to weave up faster, and the sturdy hard-tipped ends make it easier to thread over and under the base strands. Although it's perhaps not as durable as a wooden frame, using cardboard as a loom, was a cool idea, made for a lightweight loom, and showed a technique that could be adapted to make any size purse. It also meant the whole purse could be woven as one piece, so there's no sewing required to stitch it together. The project is well-presented to make it as easy as possible, but it's still a tough, multi-session activity that requires patience and some parental help to complete. 




I like that you can actually make a purse with shoelaces which is really cool and also that it's really fun to make a real cool purse.



I really like the purse I made. I did need some help the whole time I was making it. But, it looks great. I'm not sure if I'm going to use it as a pencil case or a purse. It is not very big for a purse - I can't hold very much, but it does look really great.



I was so happy to be able to make this craft with my Mom. I love the bright colours of the shoelaces and to be able to put things in my own purse.



Good project, but I think it's too old for me. Even my mom who is not even 35 yet had trouble making it. But on the good side, I think it is good fora rainy day and it would be really fun for older kids (10-12).


Julie J.

What a great craft kit, the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. The kit contained everything needed to make one full sized purse and one smaller purse. One purse took about 2 hours to create, with working on and off on it. Our girls (ages 5 and 7) were able to complete most of the purse independent of adult help, but it does require an adult to be on hand to teach them how to set the purse up and start the weaving process. I did refer to the YouTube video mentioned in the instructions, it was great to have a visual guide to how the purse should be put together. Both girls (5 and 7) really enjoyed making the craft. Both of them still use the purses every few days to carry things around or in their imaginative play. Older kids may appreciate being able to make a little purse that they can carry around with them on a regular basis, but my girls aren't regular purse kids other than when they are playing dress-up.

Stacey F.

This is a project that is great for a rainy day or an independent activity for kids, but we learned the hard way that it's best to read the full set of instructions before beginning...lesson learned! My older child (F9) abandoned the activity early on after running into some challenges (partially my fault for not having fully read the instructions with her at the start). A week later, she was still not keen on completing this project. My 6 yo had much more interest, so I enticed her to give it a try. With a brief explanation she was able to get the hang of it, though she needed some help to make sure the laces didn't get too twisted.

Kim M.

Meaghan (F7) is quite pleased at the colourful purse she made! The kit comes with more than enough supplies, but I like that after the craft is done and you have used the supplies that came with the kit, you can buy more shoelaces on your own and create it again. The neon colours of the laces were so bright! Having said that, seven year old Meaghan did require adult assistance throughout the making of the purse. The first step is to tie, at one end, the different coloured shoelaces on a small cardboard template (which later bent in half, making the weaving a little more difficult). While Meaghan picked out the order of the colour combination, I had to tie them at the end of the board. She tried, but it was a little awkward to do herself (with getting the knots tight enough). She actually held the board steady while I tied the knots. Once the weaving started, Meaghan got the hand of the "under, over/over, under" quickly. The black weaving laces are very long (which was great because we only had to tie and use 2 for the whole purse), but it was more difficult to weave them because they would get twisted a little easier - which we would then have to remove the row to re-do. It just took a couple of reminders to remember which was the bottom of the purse and which was the top - important so you don't cover up the opening of the purse! Upon the completion of every row, Meaghan made sure that the row she just completed was tight up against the previous row so that the weaving remained tight. The last couple of rows were too difficult for Meaghan to do because there wasn't much give left on the laces, so I finished them off. Then Meaghan trimmed the laces, frayed them, then took the purse off the weaving board and loved it! In fact, she admired it so much, she wanted to use it as a "clutch" and not make the straps yet. With the purse now finished (strap and all), Meaghan loves showing it off. The pride in telling people she made it is invaluable! Although this craft required adult supervision at every step, the results have been very impressive. Great price point, and well worth it!


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Fabulous fabrics, trendy textiles and fun embellishments - dream up your own designer originals. With a little simple weaving turn 25+ neon and black shoelaces into a trendy purse and use the extra laces to make matching jewelry accessories. No sewing required. Finished purse measures 6" x 8". Complete set includes 68+ feet of laces, lacing loom, scissors, craft glue and gel cord.

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