Age: 5 years and up

Production Status: In Stores

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A great action game, especially for kids that love when things come crashing down. It does take a few minutes to build the igloo, but the included form and numbered decals make it easy enough for kids to do it themselves. Then carefully lift the base off the form, and you and your bricked dome are ready to start the game. Players take turns using the ice pick to pull a brick form the igloo, collecting any additional ice blocks that fall, as well. When a player causes the igloo to collapse, he/she collects all the remaining blocks. The player with the fewest blocks wins. A simple game with lots of appeal.


Manufacturer Description

Igloo Mania is fun game that requires a steady hand! Keep your cool! Don't let the pressure and tension get to you or Parka Pete could fall to his feet - straight through the igloo! Parka Pete has finally placed his last block of ice to complete his igloo. But those pesky penguins have to ruin everything! They're playing a game with their ice picks and pulling out the ice blocks, unbeknownst to Parka Pete. Don't be the penguin who lets him fall into his igloo - or you'll be the losing penguin and Parka Pete will have to start his igloo all over again. A game easy enough for the kids to set up and play on their own, but a fun enough game that even the adults will want to play!


  • 64 Ice Blocks

  • 4 Penguin Picks

  • 1 Parka Pete

  • 1 Support Dome in 2 parts

  • 1 Base Ring with Door

  • Instruction Sheet


  • Skills: Steady hand, Light math (points are on each ice block)