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Imaginext® Mega T-Rex (2011)

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 3 to 8 years

MSRP (CAD): $54.99

MSRP (USD): $44.99

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Minus the gear, this is the same toy as the original and hugely popular 2006 Mega T-Rex. Wth the gear, it's quite a different toy, and if our testers are an indication, probably better suited to older kids. The gear makes it somewhat warlike and more ferocious than a plain dino. It also complicates play with some motor skill challenges. But for our older testers, it opened up new possibilities for play scenarios. NOTE: Use the small grooves on the dinosaur to securely attach the accessories.




I like the dinosaur. A lot. He's mean and when I dress him up, he's meaner. Did you know he can eat the man too? I put it in his mouth, and the dinosaur roars and puts his teeth on the man like he's eating him! (laugh)



I like this dinosaur. ROAR.



I like the noise because it sounds like a real dinosaur. I like the robot hands, I can change him into a mechanic dinosaur. 



He roars all the time, I don't like that anymore. It was fun before.



He has transformer arms. I like it. He makes loud sounds. It's scary.


Mireille S.


It doesn't look overly mean, but doesn't look soft and cuddly either. The accessories are well crafted and give the dinosaur a warrior look. I found part of the fun for my son (5) was to dress up the dinosaur. At first we struggled in keeping the accessories on the dinosaur, but I realized after inspecting the dinosaur that there are small grooves on the dinosaur which is the exact spot where the accessories attach. If you're not on the right spot, the gear will never latch, but when you attach it properly, it is secure and won't move unless you purposely remove it. The other very fun factor was the projectile launching. My son invented a large variety of dinosaur adventures, everything from the man getting eaten by the dinosaur to the two of them tag-teaming to battle other toys. I would consider raising the recommended age for this one simply because the dinosaur makes some scary sounds.

Susan C.


My 3 year old son loves dinosaurs and this is the king of all dinosaur toys. The roaring and movements are amazing and it is very easy for my son to operate. After the dinosaur gear was removed the first time he had little interest in putting it back on. He occasionally plays with the dinosaur driver on its own. I had to take away the shooting arrows because my son kept shooting his baby sister. Overall, this is a great toy that my son always picks up and plays with whenever he sees it.

Tammy W.


Despite the dome and headpiece always falling off, the the toy was fun to play with, with the loud roaring and lifelike movements. The little man didnt get playes with much since the dino itself was the moat interesting part. The shooting darts was an exciting feature and Blaze m5 liked having the dino eat his sisters barbies with its big teeth. We love how big and scary the dino is, it is much larger than other dinos we have in the toybox!



Well made, sturdy and with lots of accessories.

Kaï liked the accessories especially shooting the darts but he liked playing with the plain beast the best.  The helmet doesn't stay on the head and the window of the driving capsule comes off easily.  After having played with it for a while Kaï stopped playing with it as much, he said he didn't like the roaring noise anymore, he can turn the power off but without the movement and the noise it's not as much fun

Jennifer F.


The attachments don't seem to be geared to little hands (ages 3-5), and there has been quite a bit of "Mommy can you put this back on"... My kids were a bit confused with the toy - a dinosaur with repair tools, a shooting grappling hook/target, a guy strapped to the back, and the box seems to indicate they are in space. It seemed a bit of a stretch for them, when usually they can just use plain dinosaurs and create some story line. Seemed like this scary looking dinosaur is geared for fighting and I think that's probably not appropriate for a three year old audience.


Manufacturer Description

This T-Rex is ready to take action and adventure to a whole new level every time he plays! His arms and neck move, his jaw opens as he lets out a huge dino ‘roarrr’ and he can fire at the enemies with his projectile launchers—all with the push of a button. Equipped with a figure activated control pod and removable gear for classic dino play. 

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  • Push the button to make his neck swing and jaw open while roaring like a real dinosaur