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Imaginista™ D.I.Y. Tie Dye

The Orb Factory Limited

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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Your fingers need never touch the dye! This well-designed kit makes the tie dye experience as mess-free as possible, but it's still a good craft to do outside in an old bathing suit - just in case. And be prepared for a lengthly, multi-part activity - the shirt needs to presoak in soda ash, then dry for 24 hours before your even start. The powdered dye is pre-measured in ready-to-go plastic bottles. Just add water to the fill line and shake to dissolve. When it's time to add the colours (blue and red), the shirt goes into a ziplock bag, safely away from anything the dye could stain. Disposable gloves keep the dye away from your hands when you pull the shirt out again to wash away the excess dye. A great kit to create an attractive tie dye t-shirt. Or, if you prefer, instructions are provided to turn your tie dyed shirt into a shoulder bag and two bracelets (no sewing required).




this was an awesome kit although the stuff that tells you to do was not very good. Also the brackets did not work. i sometimes use this bag but not all the time because I'm very scared to use it because i don't want to brake it.



the best part of the project was seeing my white shirt turn colours with the ink. I really liked doing this messy work. I needed mom's help to figure out how to do it but it I loved the purple shirt I created. I didn't really like making the pursue part. that took a long time



I liked mixing the colors on the t-shirt. actually I had a hard time cutting into it, it looked too good! the bracelets didn't work out, my braids where horrible and 1 was too short to wrap around my wrist. But the purse was nice looking, I liked making the knots and it was easy to do. it will be great for the beach!



I love love love my tie-dye bag. It was super easy to dye it in the [ziplock] bag, and kind of fun to squirt the dye in and mush the shirt around. It was easy to cut the strips and then tie them into a bag. The bag looks awesome - it's my new sleepover bag. I take it to my friends house for sleepovers, and I take it whereever I go. It's a great size so it fits lots of my stuff. It's really pretty. I think I want to make some more for my friends. All my friends like it.



I had lots of fun doing this kit with my friend (8 yrs.). I liked squirting the dyes on the t-shirt and how you could see how you were dying the t-shirt through the plastic bag. Then, you could add more colour if you needed. Using the squeeze bottles made it easier than other tie dye kits where you have to use elastics and tie the shirts. We then made a purse and bracelets. I really liked that you could string beads on the purse. It was a great activity to do outside on a nice day! The only thing that wasn't great was that we had to wait a long time between steps.


Iwona V.

This kit was one of the best tie-dye kits we've used. The Tshirt quality is great, and the colours came out really pretty and bright. The kit took a while to make due to the prep work required (soda ash wash, drying it, and then dying it), but it did not deter Victoria from enjoying making the bag. As expected with dye, there is some messiness. We used the Magic Eraser to get the dye off counters and floors. Dye on skin was much harder to take off, so wearing the gloves provided is recommended. Once dyed, my daughter (F10) was able to follow the instructions and make the bag out of the shirt without problems. She's been using her bag ever since.

Jennifer K.

Brooklyn (F11) enjoyed this craft kit. She had no difficulty following the directions to create the bag, the bracelets did not turn out as well as she would have liked. The inclusion of a self sealing bag makes this far less messy than other tie dye activities. The colors turned out nice and bright and she was able to do two additional dye projects with the leftover dye from the kit. There are other kits which are very similar available at Dollarama which sell for considerably less, but do not include the shirt.

Orietta M.


Thank goodness I had time on my hands to help my daughter. this is a fun activity but it is time consuming. you need to set aside at least 2 days to complete the activity. It is fun for family time together. Tie deing the shirt and cutting and making the pursue was fun. But I am disappointed my daughter 8 has no desire to use it.

Marie-Lise H.

Nice activity, but it takes a long time before the kids actually get going (24 hrs). Mia (F10) had a hard time cutting the t-shirt, but was happy with the purse. The bracelets where less of a success, she found it hard to braid with 6 strands. A little more explanations would be good - like why the white powder does. And a warning about the potential mess of working with the dye would be good too.

Liz H.

This is a cute and reasonably priced kit. I loved that my daughter (10 yrs) and her friend (8 yrs.) could follow the instructions and complete the project on their own, with very little adult assistance. The only issue we had was that the project took several days to complete. She pulled it out thinking she could do it in a day; however, she had to prep the shirt and then, wait 24 hours for the colours to dry before commencing the craft portion of the project. I was very surprised by the minimal mess and clean-up. The squeeze bottles made it very easy and relatively 'mess-free' when dying the shirt. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The materials were of good quality and more than enough were included - enough dye that both my children (F10 & M5) were able to dye additional t-shirts. This is a fantastic kit!


Manufacturer Description

Turn a dull white t-shirt into a trendy tasseled tote.  Tie and soak shirt in special soda ash for a super vibrant finish.  Use gloves, dyes, and squeeze bottles to dye your shirt.  Once dry, follow the instructional booklet to cut and tie t-shirt into a no-sew tote bag.  Decorate the bags fringe with over 75 beads.  Braid leftover t-shirt pieces into funky bangles!

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  • 75 assorted pony beads