Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

Production Status: Coming Soon

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I am not a great painter or artist but I still liked the toy especially because of its gadgets. I like creating and working with gadgets, and I made all the gadgets in the picture plus created more out of my imagination...there is no restriction on what I can create to color my work. I like the box and I like to paint using the crane.


Swatee J.

I am really happy and impressed with this art craft. Amayas (M8) has been using it every week..There are enough papers, color, different materials to keep kids busy with painting and crafting. Even though he is not into painting he still enjoyed with kit and learnt to use different methods and tools to paint. He plays with it at least once a week or when he is tired and needs some quiet time...this is good toy to calm him down so that he can start focusing and thinking about his stuff. My son is not into arts and crafts but he still enjoyed this toy as it had amazing gadgets that he can configure to paint pictures...he didn't have to paint himself, but can do it through these gadgets. He likes tinkering with stuff so this was a perfect art toy for him. The packaging as it gives clear idea and instruction on what this kit is about and also tells the kid how he can play with it. He used the circle spinner, threads, and paper tab crane piece to create art. Instructions are kid friendly with detailed design. I did not have to help Amayas with the instructions, although I had to help him tie different parts to form the crane shown in the center picture. This toy introduces different concepts for the kids - geometry in the form of circle, radius, diameter etc.....Different color combinations to be used, different way to color and create art...Invent and come up with ideas to create different gadgets to color, use of different medium and angles to create the paintings. Amayas loves using different gadgets to paint pictures. He has followed some of the patterns shown in the box but mostly has used his own imagination to come up with paintings and drawings.


Manufacturer Description

Watch as children become inventors with the Spark!Lab! invention process. Young minds can explore both science and art as the design and build cool artistic gadgets to make their creative masterpieces come to life. Your school is having an art show, and everyone is invited to participate. You would like to create something unique that no one else could create. You decide that making your own tools would allow you to create new strokes, patterns and styles of art. What tools could you create to make new artwork? Everything you need is included to invent your own amazing art tools and gadgets.


  • Spark!Lab™ Smithsonian Inventive Creativity™ Kits are designed to provide children with the same hands-on experience at home as they would enjoy when visiting the Draper Spark!Lab™ at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

  • Spark!Lab™ Smithsonian Inventive Creativity™ Kits - Think It! Explore It! Sketch It! Create It! Try It! Tweak It! Sell It! This new line introduces kids to the process of invention, the same process used by real inventors, and helps them develop 21st Century skills such as critical thinking and creativity in a fun, open-ended way.