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It's Alive! T. rex

SmartLab Toys

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

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This looks like a grat kit - especially with the information booklet and model to build. Unfortunately, all our testers report that the model didn't stay together - the tail in particular kept falling off, and  most of the models stopped working altogether shortly after they were built. Disappointing.




This is my story about it: I was using it and it was walking around and it broke down.

I like building it. The tail was hard to get on and didn't stay on.



This is not like the other dinosaur models I 've done. This one looks weird. I like how it moves but the tail always falls off. The things to do in the book were stupid. I'm letting Heath play with the dinosaur. It's ok if he brakes it.


Jo M.


Connor(M5) opened the T.rex box and starting building the dinosaur without any hesitation. He had a bit of difficulty with the legs and wasn’t able to put the tail on. We added the AA battery and the T.rex started to walk and move its jaw. Connor played for a couple minutes but lost interest quickly. Both Hailee (F3) and Kierra (F5) played with the T.rex for a little while but the tail kept being pulled off and the kids weren’t able to put it back on themselves. They plastic pieces attached to the feet helping the T.rex to walk also kept being pulled off. There wasn’t much interest in the booklet that came with the dinosaur.

Jennifer Y.


I was initially impressed when Jack (M6) opened this model. Information on dinosaurs and suggested experiments were included. The assembly was easy for Jack, but the tail would not stay on. Unfortunately, after the dinosaur walked for a brief period he would not move again no matter how many new batteries we tested.


Manufacturer Description

Build a T. rex that walks while you explore the questions that have stumped mankind for centuries: What can we learn from dinosaur poop? What does T. rex have in common with lions, eagles, and human beings? What's wrong with the film Jurassic Park? The companion booklet to this build-your-own-model T. rex answers all these questions and inspires more.

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  • 5 Snap-on skeletal parts