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Jake and the Never Land Pirates Jake’s Magical Tiki Hideout


Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $49.99

MSRP (USD): $39.99

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It's a great playset with lots to explore and do - an elevator with a hidden mechanism, snapping crocodile swimming around just outside the fort, and of course the water cannon. Having said that, it seems the biggest asset this set offers is that it looks just like the treehouse on the Disney Jr. show.  Very popular with our testing families.




This was fun, there are a lot of fun things to do in this house. I like the slide, the crocodile and the cool hiding spots. The big leaves out front are the best, but I'm a little too old for this. I liked Jake before, but now he's not as cool. I like things for bigger kids.



"Jake toys are my favorite" "my favorite part is the tiki guy who makes the elevator go up and down" " like the slide, its like the one on TV"



I like that Jake can go way up high and look for Captain hook. Then he shoots his cannon to stop Hook from stealing his treasure!



I like the canon, it shoots pretty far, but I would like more people.


Lisa G.

This toy was the first to be opened. Zahra (6) loves everything Jake and Neverland Pirates. We have the ship and one other playset so she has the figures to make a great story. She likes being able to act out more from the cartoon and enjoys the fact that it looks exactly like the treehouse on the Disney Jr show. The best part is the elevator which is also like the one on the show, and is a clever design - like a secret mechanism. Zahra enjoys the water canon as well and it's a less violent option. Overall toy held up well to getting lots of play, although slide keeps breaking and canon falls off with too much play. This toy enriches her imagination, inspires sequenced pretend play and pretend play narratives. She goes beyond the stories she sees on the shows and makes up her own adventures. I think the cost is a bit high for a toy treehouse. Some of the parts need constant re-attaching (the water canon).

Krista M.


The tiki hideout was fun for my daughters (F3, F5) to play with. The tiki idol turned the lookout up and down and opened the doors. There was enough space for both to be able to use it and recreate episodes.

Ann L.


Emma (F7) liked this toy at first but the high quickly faded away. As a parent, I find the toy takes lots of space for the play time it gets, as well, I think Emma would of enjoyed having figurines to play with.

Annie D.

My son loves this toy. We also have the ship, and my son uses both toys and goes into his own little Jake world. He gets very creative by using other of his figurine friends to join Jake and it just keeps him busy for a long period of time. As soon as he wakes up its the first toy he reaches for and after daycare its also the first toy he runs to.

Mireille S.

I was surprised at how much interest the Tiki Hideout generated from my 7 year old, although, I would caution anyone thinking of buying it, to aim more for the 3 to 5 year old age group to benefit from all the play value of this set. There is a lot going on with this toy; secret compartments, shooting canons, a chomping crocodile. It's like a playhouse, but with so many more features. I was impressed, and so was my son. He thought the best part was always when the front leaves parted to reveal the large door, and, of course, the "water" shooting cannon. We only had the Jake figure, yet he still managed to get a lot of enjoyment and entertainment out of this set. The tiki is what makes the magic happen in the hideaway, but if you don't have any batteries on hand, or are looking to be more ecologically conscious, you can always turn the knobs inside the hideout manually, and it works just as well.


Manufacturer Description

Now kids can be part of the action and adventure in this key location in Never Land where Jake and his pirate crew live. Place the magical tiki onto any one of the 3 "X" spots on the playset. Press the tiki button and watch the magical action begin as the tiki magically powers the hideout's features. Place the tiki on the X button on the front balcony and watch the hideout transform as the palm trees spread apart revealing the hideout’s secret front entrance as two second floor doors fold down, opening up the playset. Place the magical tiki on the left X button on the base of the playset to make the crow’s nest rise and lower inside the hideout and out through the top to keep a lookout for Captain Hook. There is also a balcony with a spyglass to keep a closer eye on any sea vessels that happen to pass by. Jake can man the cannon to defend the hideout from Hook and his scallywag crew. Place the magical tiki on the right X button on the base to make Tick Tock Croc chomp around as he circles the pond. Jake can climb up the ladder in the back and slide down the wooden slide to make a quick getaway. Includes working cannon with projectile “water” balls, poseable Jake figure, and magical tiki.

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