Age: 8 years and up

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I like the idea of experiments using the sun. The thermometer we built was really neat. We could see through the experiments that black heats up much more then white or clear for the balloons or the ice melts. I like doing experiments and seeing what will happen. I liked learning about how different colours reflect light and how you can use a magnifying glass or the case to create stronger heat. You had to have a nice clear sunny day and it was best to try the experiments just around noon. This made it hard to find time to do these experiments.


Allison M.

My son loves the science experiments but we struggled a bit with this toy due to the difficulty in finding time to test out the experiments. You had to have a sunny day and had to do the experiments around noon in the bright sun rather then in the evening or after school. The experiments were neat with the ice melting, the thermometer and the balloons. We didn't try the crayon one as that one seemed pretty messy. Overall I thought it was a great idea for a toy to teach kids about the power of the sun. The kids loved watching if the experiments worked as the book described it and wanted to show their friends. This is all about education in a fun environment. I was very happy to test this toy. The instructions were good and allowed you to question what would happen but also provided the details of the expected result and the reason for that result.


Manufacturer Description

Use the sun's energy to heat up a tasty treat in this STEAM solar oven kit! Melt s’mores, nachos, or make your own crazy crayons with the power of the sun and the Just Add Sun™ Solar Science + Art Kit. Learn how solar energy works and introduce kids to eco-friendly energy alternatives. Learn how the energy of the sun can be used for heating objects as well as cooking food. Experiment with sunlight, heat transfer, reflection, and more! Plus learn to ‘upcycle’ items to create fantastic art! A portion of the proceeds from Just Add Sun™ is donated to Solar Cookers International.