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K'NEX Mighty Makers™ Building Sets

K'NEX Industries, Inc.


While not necessarily their favourite building toy, most testers report enjoying building these construction models. We love that the new girl-oriented colors were variants of the classic colour-coded K'Nex pieces, so that it would be fairly easy to substitue these new colours into regular K'Nex models. The main challenge building these models was taht some pieces can be difficult to snap together and the instructions were not as straight forwaqrd as other sets. All families were disappoited in the little figures which were not sturdy enough for imaginiative play. Cardboard parts (ege the roofs) were also not great for after play. 




I like that you can build it. The plane could fly over people's heads. I don't like the small pieces because my little sister (2 years old) could choke on them. They should build another piece to the bottom of the plane so it can sit straight on the floor and not wobble.



I really liked building these sets with my friend Cassidy (12) but we didn't play with them much after that.



I like the airplane build best. The girl was hard to put together. I like that the set came with a bird. The pieces are a bit harder to put together then Lego but it wasn't too hard for me.



Building some parts are difficult and some parts are not. What I made is really cool. I made the ferris wheel. The difficult parts are when it is almost impossible to click the pieces together. I like to play with it, but the girl's legs always fall off and it hard to click her in the seat of the ferris wheel.



We have the Airplane set. The airplane was easy for me to build. I had fun building it and I liked the airplane. I really like that it came with a bird because I like animals. The girls legs were really hard to put on.


Tammy W.

Ava F7 was very excited to see a Knex set made for girls, with colours she loves! She got right to work, using her younger sister F5 to find the right pieces for her while she did the building. It came quite natural to her, but F5's fingers were not strong enough to do the connecting. Ava was able to do most of this set by herself, but needed some help with the gears part, and putting the legs and arms into the girl and the bear. I have a feeling the bear will end up without arms or legs by the time the girls are finished playing with this toy. They seem to come apart quite easily. The kit was missing the yellow seats for the ferris wheel [manufacturer sent by post], but they still enjoyed spinning the wheel and were only a little upset that the girl and her bear couldn't sit on the ride without falling off.

Sandra W.


We had the plane and the ferris wheel sets. Attractive colors for girls. Came with 2 female dolls to build (a pilot and a doll with the ferris wheel set) but they kept falling apart. F7 and F4 liked that there were moving pieces to the plane and ferris wheel which was unique. F7 needed a lot of help to follow the instructions and to snap the pieces together. Likely would have been easier if she was older. Lots of little pieces to easily lose which is a choking hazard. Would have been nice if the kits came in a plastic or tin box to store the pieces more easily. Even though we stored them back in the cardboard box it came in, the little pieces sometimes would fall out because they were so tiny. The main pieces of the building set were durable but not the doll (pieces kept falling off). Overpriced.

Julie J.

I was 100% positive our 8 year old and 9 year old girls would Love these but sadly once they had assembled them they didn't touch them again. Other than to take the characters and put them on the ferris wheel, once the kits were entirely built our two girls were done with them which was a disappointment compared to LEGO, which they play with for hours using their imagination. We did look twice at the online projects but they showed no interest in trying them. We brought our laptop into the play room, hoping the girls would look at the different models they could make using the online instructions. We are not a huge fan of screen time so this kind of defeated the purpose for us, our kids prefer to flop on the floor with an instruction booklet and flip through it as they work. A huge disappointment for me as I love the STEM twist on it, and our kids love LEGO and earlier K'Nex sets. I was sure these sets would be a winner in our house. The Ferris Wheel Kit-was missing 2 pieces that we needed, instead used scotch tape to try to hold things together [manufacturer later provided these by post]. The Ferris Wheel took about 2 hours of working off and on for our 9 year old to complete. Plane Kit-Took about 2 hours off and on for our 8 year old to complete, almost entirely by herself! This was her first construction kit (Lego, K'Nex etc) that she has been able to read and follow all of the directions and assemble the kit without help from my husband and I. Noticing in general between the 3 kits that the people are not created well, the heads don't fit tightly and the hands fall off.

Allison M.

This toy was a nice exposure for my daughter (6) to try out Knex as she had not used it before. We have the airplane set. When we brought this home my daughter was very excited to built it. She was able to focus on it and by the next day she had finished building it. The only trouble she had was with the girls legs, that they didn't click in very easily. I tried as well and found it difficult too to click I'm the girls legs and they came out a couple of times. She loved the look of the different sets and was happy to test out the airplane set. She was able to build the airplane set independently and only struggled with putting the legs on the girl. She then took the extra pieces and tried to build something else with it. She wants to try the other builds soon but wants to play with the airplane for a bit first. The girl fits nicely in the seat and my daughter who loves animals, was happy that the set came with a bird. I like that there are different options to do with the played pretend a bit with the set when it was complete and liked that the girl could fly the plane with the bird beside him.

Cathy M.

We are testing the Wheel, the airplane and the house. These are fantastic building toy sets! Colourful, fun and relatively easy to put together. I think the colours are inviting to both genders. My daughter (7) is a huge fan of Lego Friends, and she says these are almost as fun. The almost is because some pieces or components are a bit less sturdy than legos. For example, in the Wheel set, there are two concession stands and the roofs are in cardboard as opposed to in plastic building pieces. Also, the people/characters we have are really not holding together well. The legs keep coming off, etc, so the actual playing with the toys once built is a bit restricted from that perspective. Overall, my daughter (7) has no issues building these together, once I point out the correct order of the steps. The instructions are not as clear as Lego for example. There are sometimes several steps in the one picture and not always clear which step comes first. Still a great building toy and it is now on my daughter's xmas wish list! The HOUSE was a very challenging knex set compared to the other two we tried (ferris wheel and plane). Several of the pieces were difficult to attach together and several of them, did not actually attach. The instructions are often difficult to follow and unclear and therefore it is difficult to know if the child (or the parent!) did something wrong, or if the kit is just badly made. Again the little people provided are not to be played with as they keep losing heir legs or heads. Compared to a lego set, this one was much inferior and disappointing.


Manufacturer Description

Engineering Toys for Girls. Build big ideas with Mighty Makers™, a line of engineering toys for girls! Mighty Makers buildings sets teach girls about exciting STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) concepts as they follow the adventurous story of the included figure and build with her along the way. K’NEX empowers young girls to build big & dream bigger with Mighty Makers!

Up, Up and Away™ Building Set (Item: # 43533, 7+, $19.99) Fly high in the sky with Ava and her bird, Jay, with the Up, Up and Away™ Building Set. Ava loves all things that can fly. Whether it's flying a kite, watching the birds, or collecting bugs, she is always ready for an adventure that is out of this world. Help Ava create a butterfly, build an airplane, or invent her very own flying contraption! Decorate the builds using the included accessories and get ready to take flight with the Up, Up and Away™ Building Set from Mighty Makers™. Most models can be built one at a time. Features: 140 K'NEX parts and pieces; Fly away with Ava and her bird, Jay; Accessories include cock pit seat, star snaps, Ava's goggles and more; Includes instructions for three different aviation themed builds; Mighty Makers™ Card challenges builder to explore additional aviation concepts

Home Designer™ Building Set (Item: # 43535, 7+, $49.99) Build your dream house from the ground up with Brianna and Sophia in the Home Designer™ Building Set. Sophia loves building, while Brianna helps with the finishing touches of the interior. These best friends are a dynamic duo when it comes to building and decorating houses. Help them build different styles of houses - a colonial, a brownstone, and a ranch. Decorate the houses using the included accessories and make their home, your home with the Home Designer™ Building Set from Mighty Makers™. Most models can be built one at a time. Eeatures: 433 K'NEX parts and pieces; Build and decorate with Brianna and Sophia; Accessories include flowers and flower pots, chairs, tables, lamps, blue prints, graphic panels and more; Includes instructions for three different architecture themed builds; Mighty Makers™ Card challenges builder to explore additional architecture concepts

Fun On the Ferris Wheel™ Building Set (Item: # 43534, 7+, $34.99) Ride all the rides with Emily and her bear, Cocoa, with the Fun on the Ferris Wheel™ Building Set. Emily loves riding all the amusement park rides and learning how they work! Help Emily build her own amusement park with a ferris wheel, a pirate ship ride, and a boardwalk game. You can even purchase tickets and snacks at the booths. Decorate the builds using the included accessories and enjoy a day at the fair with the Fun on the Ferris Wheel™ Building Set from Mighty Makers™. Most models can be built one at a time. Features: 324 K'NEX parts and pieces; Go 'round and 'round with Emily and her bear, Cocoa; Accessories include ferris wheel seats, star snaps, graphic panels and more; Includes instructions for three different mechanical engineering themed builds; Mighty Makers™ Card challenges builder to explore additional mechanical engineering concepts

Going Green™ Building Set (Item: # 43551, 7+, $19.99) Reduce, reuse and rebuild with Zoe and Roland in the Going Green™ Building Set. Zoe isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. She is always out in the garden helping her mom or hiking in search of new and different plants she has never seen before! Help Zoe build a garden, a green house and a flower box. Using the included tool accessories, help Zoe grow a large garden full of plants and flowers in the Going Green™ Building Set from Mighty Makers™. Most models can be built one at a time. Features: 127 K'NEX parts and piece; Create a garden with Zoe and her hedgehog, Roland; Accessories include gardening tools, flowers, foliage, graphic panels and more; Includes instructions for three different botany themed builds; Mighty Makers™ Card challenges builder to explore additional botany concepts

Deep Sea Dive™ Building Set (Item: # 43552, 7+, $34.99) Dive deep into the ocean blue with Marissa and her fish, Queen, in the Deep Sea Dive™ Building Set. Marissa lives by the shore, so she loves going to the beach to explore, visiting the aquarium and boating with her father. Scuba up to explore the deep depths of the ocean with Marissa on her marine boat, or win first prize at the school science fair while learning about the food chain. Marissa can also transform into a beautiful mermaid who can swim among the fish and ocean vegetation in the Deep Sea Dive™ Building Set from Mighty Makers™. Most models can be built one at a time. Features: 317 K'NEX parts and pieces; Dive into the depths of the sea with Marissa and her fish, Queen; Accessories include fish, microscope, laptop, jelly fish, graphic panels and more; Includes instructions for three different oceanographic themed builds; Mighty Makers™ Card challenges builder to explore additional oceanography concepts

Inventor's Clubhouse™ Building Set (Item: # 43553, 7+, $59.99) Invent anything you can imagine with Emily and Audrey in the Inventor's Clubhouse™ Building Set from Mighty Makers™. Emily and Audrey meet up in the Inventor's Clubhouse™ and let their imaginations soar. By building inventions they see in everyday life, these girls are inspired to create their own contraptions. Help Emily create a flapping bird, like those she sees outside of the Clubhouse windows. Or, help Audrey build an animation machine to watch her drawings come to life. Take a ride on the Clubhouse zip line to get those creative juices flowing. The building opportunities are virtually endless with the Inventor's Clubhouse™ from Mighty Makers™. Most models can be built one at a time. Features: 528 K'NEX parts and pieces; Invent and build with Emily and Audrey; Accessories included are a motor (two AA batteries not included), string, pulleys and gears, wheels, star snaps, graphic panels and more; Includes colorful instructions for 10 different mechanical engineering themed builds and inventions; Mighty Maker Card challenges builder to explore additional engineering concepts

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