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A fun pick up and discard game with enough unique rules to make it an interesting addition to the games shelf. Our testers loved the KARMA concept where players can give each other the entire discard pile. With no clear winner until the last card is played, the game is a nail biter right till the end. Best enjoyed by seasoned card game fans as the same rules that make the game interestingly unique, can be a little daunting to inexperienced players.




Boo! This game is too complicated. There's way too many rules! We kept having to go back to the book to see if we were doing it right and everytime we'd forget what we were supposed to do. I didn't like all the piles of cards. I couldn't remember where I was supposed to pick next. I did like giving my friend the "Karma" card where they got to pick up all the cards, but even that didn't make it fun enough to keep playing. I got mixed up a lot in this game.



It is sooooo much fun to play. You build up the pile in the middle and think you got rid of so many cards until your friend dumps the pile on you! Also it is fun that you have to first get rid of the cards in your hand, then the ones face up on the table then your cards that are up-side-down which you have to play randomly and hope for the best since you might end up getting the whole pile!



At the beginning, you think that the game will never end because you get the pile of discard cards when you can't play a card. But at the end, when all the draw cards are finished, it finishes very fast. I liked this game because it was a long game and I like long games. It lasted long because you keep on picking up the discard pile and then you get all the cards - there are so many cards in your hand and then you can play 4 of the same card at once!


Mireille S.

We hardly played this one. This game is confusing. There was too much going on with this game, too many rules to remember, too many piles to pick cards from and too many special rules, we just couldn’t keep everything straight. The instructions also seemed to have gaps in the explanations, and it left us guessing, to the point where we were questioning if we were playing the way the game was meant to be played. It was quite confusing and didn't flow very well. It's too bad, it seemed like an interesting game, we just couldn't get into it. The only thing my 8 year old enjoyed with the game was giving the "karma" card to his neighbour for them to pick up all the cards!

Joyce S.

This was one of our favourite games. My kids (16, 12) loved the give the pile to a friend card. The game moved at a good pace so no one gets bored and was really easy to learn. Very similar to a card we have played but with a few twists. The fact that you can give this to someone who has gotten rid of all their cards is a nice bonus. Good for a lot of ages to play together.

Tammy W.

Blaze M8 and I absolutely love this card game. It's unpredictable and lasts long enough to fully enjoy it yet not too long that it gets boring. The name of the game "Karma" really does suit the game. You can have someone pick up a large pile of discarded cards but not long after, the same thing can be done to you! It's exciting and nail-biting. There is never really a clear leading player until the final card is played. Everyone has a chance right up until the end of the game. It's very different from other card games and makes for some great family time! I think we may have to buy this card game, it will be a great game to bring camping with us this summer!


Manufacturer Description

What Goes Around...Comes Around!

Soon to be another one of America's favorite card games.  This game is a perfect present, especially for Five Crowns fans! Play your KARMA CARDS carefully to go out as soon as you can. KARMA is a great game that you will want to play again and again!

Each turn play a card of equal or higher value to avoid picking up the entire discard pile. Move through your cards faster by playing doubles or triples. KARMA CARDS can get you out of a jam, but be careful because What Goes Around...Comes Around! The last player with cards loses the game.

KARMA CARDS, like wild cards, can be played on any card. There are 4 different KARMA CARDS in the game. You can Give the Pile to a Friend, Play a Table Card early, move the bottom discard to the top with a Bottoms Up or make the next player play a Five or Below.

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