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Kayak Cove™ Brainteaser Puzzle

Popular Playthings/Huntar Company, Inc.

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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Cool magnetic puzzle. Since you're told where the magnets are, in theory, if you can remember the magnets are it is possible to actually SOLVE the puzzle by matching complimentary N/S polarities. However, it's really hard to remember where the magnets are, so solving it is mostly trial and error - which frustrated most of our testers. 




It's fun because you can cheat by looking in the book to see where the magnets are. You start with other kayaks and you put down the rocks and you have to make them all fit in so they shouldn't pop out. You have to know how to play--at first I didn't know how.



Once in awhile, i liked to play this game.  Sometimes it was a little tricky, but I liked that the kayaks had magnets. 



i do not enjoy playing kayak cove.  the challenges are not to hard but there is not enough detail on what to do so you are just placeing pieces around and hoping that they are in the right spot.



This game is very similar to Bumper Cars except there are no hints which makes it much harder and not as good. It's very hard to know where to put the pieces because you have to try them all in both ways. It's really annoying!



Every time I try to solve a puzzle, a kayak tips over.  it's not easy to solve.  I am only up to the 2nd puzzle, mom helped me with the first one.  Sometimes I just like to play with the kayaks and see how many I can make flip.  I like playing with magnets



This game was hard. I didnt like it as much as the others. There are magnets, and if you don't fit them in properly, they don't stick. There is only one way for them to go in,



It's a cute idea, but not for my age. It feels like just another version of Rush Hour. My 8-year-old brother liked it.



These boats were cool. I liked that they would only stick if in the right place. Not my fav game but I still liked it.


Golda W.


Once we got the hang of how to "read" the set-up pictures, it got quite a bit easier to work with. However, the puzzles are still surprisingly difficult to figure out--too much so for most people who are looking for something quick. Also, because the pieces jump around a bit, it's not a good choice for a game to bring along in the car.

Liz H.


I really liked the looks of this game.  The pieces were bright and felt very durable.  I thought the inclusion of a 'baggie' for easy clean-up was an excellent idea.  I also liked that this game was compact and portable and did not require batteries.  However, my daughter's interest in this game was not what I k had anticipated.  She played a few times here and there and liked the idea of magnets; however, become easlily frustrated when she had difficulty solving the puzzle.

Joyce S.


This brain teaser didn't catch my kids interest.  It was difficult to solve and required a lot of trying out pieces in different spots and hoping to get lucky. 

Rebecca Y.


This game is quite frustrating and very difficult. I don't find that it's based much on logic, but more luck and trial and error. The kids didn't play with this much beyond the first couple times.

Krista M.

Adult Tester

This was a different, but fun brain teaser. The magents made it easy tio think ahead, or just do trial and error. My 3 yr old daughter could even participate once we explained how to do the game more simply. Everything comes in a handy storage bag, so is great for storing between use, or packing to take on a trip.

Marie-Lise H.


Really not easy to solve, it takes a bit of patience.  There is some logic to solving but mostly luck. With the first pieces, there are many variables to get to the right answer that you can't just play a few pieces and come back later.   the kids end up playing with the pieces  and magnets.

Conor M.

Other Adult

Cool magnetic puzzle that can be solved by trial and error, so not much thought needs to be put into solving it. But since you are told where the magnets are, theoretically, if you can remember the magnets, it is possible to actually SOLVE the puzzle by matching complimentary N/S polarities. However, it's really hard to remember where the magnets are, so there is still some trial and error incvolved. 

Jo M.


The kids (F3, F5 & F7) really wanted to get into this game but unfortunately it didn't grab their attention for longer than 5 minutes. The kayaks and moveable rocks have magnets so if they are not put on the board properly according to the challenge book they won't stay in their spots. It is a good puzzle to work through. The challenges are numbered 1 to 24 and get increasingly harder. I like that this is a game that you can play on your own. The kids enjoyed playing with the kayakers and rocks but not the challenges. The pieces are good quality and it has appealing packaging. I like that the game came with a zip lock bag for the board, pieces and the instruction/challenge book.

Jennifer B.


The kayaks are magnetic, so if you didn't put them in the right place, they would not stick. The kids enjoyed this part of it. It was not their favorite game in the bunch of mind teasers, but they did play it more than a couple times.


Manufacturer Description

Kayak Cove™is the best place to launch a kayak on the river, but there’s only room for 10 kayakers at a time. 

The Goal: Your job as the river guide, is to place all 10 kayakers safely in the water without having one kayaker push another out of position or send a kayaker crashing into the surrounding rocks. Sound easy? These currents are tricky. Powerful magnets in each kayak and the surrounding rock walls will test the abilities of even the best river guide. 

The Challenges: There are 24 chilling challenges with three levels of play: Calm Water (easy), Choppy Water (medium) and Rough Water (hard). If your brain gets waterlogged, you’ll find the solutions in the challenge booklet. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your helmet, cinch up your life vest and get ready to paddle! 

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Item#: 70111

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