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Keekee The Rocking Monkey

Blue Orange Games

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $28.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

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Same concept as this company's Coo Coo The Rocking Clown (still available), which we reviewed in 2006, and awarded our Platinum award. Like the original game, this is a game with easy rules — just take turns adding the logs. The growing anticipation keeps kids engaged as they await the thrill of seeing it all come crashing down when KeeKee finally tips his load. A fun way to learn about balance. 




I like that the monkey stands up and doesn't fall down. I can put all the blocks on it then crash it down and build it again!



Its a really fun game that you could play and teach your sisters how to do it


Krista M.

This was a simple, fun balancing game and my daughter (F5) was drawn to it instantly. As soon as it was opened she went right to balancing. She figured out the game without any instruction from me, and managed to balance the cylinders perfectly on her second attempt. With getting the game so quickly, I thought she would lose interest, but she has continued to play it a few times daily for almost a week. My younger daughter (F3) can balance the cylinders as well, with a bit more struggle, but it is excellent practice for her fine motor skills. The game helps with dexterity, colours, sizes and is fun while learning! It is still a favourite of my daughters (F3 F5) and because of the quick set up and clean up is a fun game for them to pull out. I like that the kids can play individually or in a cooperative group. Super easy packaging and simple, hours of fun!

Esther W.


My kids (F3 and M5) were both excited to open this toy and try it out. They really liked the monkey design and had fun with it at first. But after a few days, they hardly played with it anymore. My daughter (3 yrs old) played with it occasionally but each play session never lasted longer than 5 min. The appeal of this toy went away quickly for both my children.

Megan S.

The kids (M3, F5) love the look of this game, fun looking monkey and easy to stack balls until they near the end! They quickly learn to balance the balls, one on one side, second on the other side and love to try to use all the balls but keekee gets pretty wobbly! My 3 year old enjoyed playing on his own, and would try repeatedly to place all the balls on keekee while learning principles of balance and figuring out which size balls would fit best where to get them all on at the same time without keekee tipping over! My 5 year old liked to play with a partner or two alternating turns and try to be the one to finish and win! We have played over and over and there's still the same excitement to try to stack the balls high and try again when they fall.


Manufacturer Description

Keekee the Monkey is ready for his big act: juggling with balls while balancing on a giant banana! Just how many balls can Keekee juggle? It all depends on each player picking the right ball and putting it in the right place on this friendly little monkey. The look on kids’ faces as Keekee sways to and fro is priceless. This all wooden game develops dexterity and teaches the principles of weight and balance. This all wooden balancing game is sustainably made. Skills: Manual Dexterity, Balance Awareness, Risk Assessment.

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