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Ketto Porcelain Creation Mug - Fairies

Bojeux Inc.

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $11.99

MSRP (USD): $11.99

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While the box states that the mugs are neither microwaveable nor dishwasher safe (implying food use), it is never clearly stated whether the dishes are food-safe, or not. When asked to clearify this point, the BoJeux rep responded that "It’s preferable to not eat with the dishes". So while some of our testers did use their dishes for real food, we recommend them as purely decorative - both because the durability isn't up to the usual wear and tear on dishes, as well as, to avoid ingesting paint (although this is less a concern for the mug than other dishes as the drink never comes in direct contact with the paint).  

For the most part our testers really enjoyed painting their projects and were satisfied with the results they could attain. The Fairy design seemed more popular than the Cats version, with the Fairy mugs getting higher ratings even from families who tested both versions. The Fairy pictures have more intricate detailing, and are therefore more challenging to paint, than the Cat theme (sold separately), so perhaps better suited to slightly older kids. And, one tester suggested using a toothpick instead of the brush to paint the extra fine details.

There was some inconsistency in our testing parents' assessment of quality for both the brushes and the paints. It's hard to know at this point how much this variation was due to differing expectations, although we did note all the mug kits we checked had a different brush than the one pictured on the box. THe brushes we found were truly awful - complete with smashed bristles because the brush was longer than the box. But most of our tseters were happy to use thier own substituted brushes.




I love my mug. It is beautiful. I keep it on display with all my other art stuff. It is too beautiful to use as my milk cup. It was easy to do and i needed my mom's help to use the oven.



Not my tipe.



My sister wanted me to paint this mug for her, since I got the cat one. We picked the colours, and I painted it for her. It looks really pretty, and my sister really likes it.



I like the idea of this mug. The fairy on it was very cute, but very small and hard to paint. The mug only came with 6 colours - I wanted more. We had another set from this same company so I borrowed the extra paint form it. The paint brush that came with the mug was all bent and not very good so I used one of my own. My mug turned out ok.



I like that I can play around with the picture/drawing and use the paint to alter the drawing around a little. Being on the artistic side, I like that I don't have to be confined by the lines. (The paint conceals the black lines if it's painted over.) Someone who enjoys painting but isn't so into drawing can paint within the lines. The bright colours that come with it are good for just painting as is, and the black and white are a good addition if you're looking to play around with the colours. I'm getting impressions from how my little siblings are doing it, and also from my own point of view. It looks to be something for kids (not that little) and also for anyone older looking for some relaxing hands on.


Iwona V.


My daughter (9) enjoyed painting this mug with the different coloured paints that came with the set. She redid it several times, by rubbing off the paint (this can be done prior to baking), until she was happy with her design and colours. Once baked, the paint stayed on, but I was careful not to rub or wash the mug too hard. My daughter gave her mug to her younger sister to use.

Julianne B.


This was a very cute craft. The fairies were very cut. The paint brush that came with this craft was terrible. The one we got had all its hair bent as it had been put in the box the wrong way. We were able to smooth it out with some water but it still wasn't very useful. This kit only came with 6 colours. We had another kit by this company that had come with 12 colours and had a bit of extra paint left so my daughter also use those. Over all the results of this craft were so so. It is very hard to get the finished results you see on the box. Once the mug is painted and bake you cannot put it in the dishwasher or in the microwave or leave it in soapy water for too long. I am not really sure how practical that really is - at some point someone will forget that this isn't suppose to go into the dishwasher.

Liz H.


This is a cute little set. Everything your child needs is included. I think it would be appropriate for children 4 years and up (amount of adult supervision would vary according to age). It would make a great gift in place of a loot bag or to do at a party. Very fairly priced.

Orietta M.


I really enjoyed working with my daughter to create this wonderful mug. We had a great time paying attention to the colours and then putting it in the oven. There was plenty of paints to use and nothing cracked. It looks professionally done. You just need time and patience but it was worth it.

Golda W.

My boys [9, 11 & 14] could not be encouraged to paint the lovely little fairy for anything--even as a present for me! On the other hand, my teenage daughter [F17] thought it was absolutely adorable, and set right out to paint it. There's a decent collection of colours, as well as black paint to add details of your own.


Manufacturer Description

A porcelain mug that can be created by painting in one's style, with little cats. Jusst Paint; bake at 300F (150C), and wash. Finished mug has a glossy finish and is washable. 

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  • 6 Brightly Coloured Paints