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Ketto Porcelain Creation Vases - Cats

Bojeux Inc.

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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These vases are so pretty. It wasn't easy painting them, but I was able to wipe off the paint and start over. I like the paint colours. I used my own brushes, because they are better than the ones in the kit.



I had fun making these vases with my friends. There was enough paint for all of us. My friends thought the cats were really cute. We each decorated one for our mom and then, we picked some flowers from the garden. They looked so pretty and our moms loved them.



This vases are very cool because you let them dry and then put them in the oven, wash them and then it is ready to use.


Liz H.

My daughter, Allison (9 yrs.) painted these vases with her friends (F11, M8). It was very easy for the children to do and they had a great time comparing their masterpieces. The kit included a fair amount and a variety of colours of paint. A few paint brushes of different sizes would be beneficial, as the children did comment on having difficulty painting the finer details. This was a great kit.

Iwona V.


My daughters (5 and 9) enjoyed painting these vases with the different coloured paints that came with the set. They redid them several times, by rubbing off the paint (this can be done prior to baking), until they were happy with their designs and colours. Once baked, the paint stayed on, but I was careful not to rub or wash the vases too much.

Jennifer K.

Parent & Teacher

Brooklyn, age 9, really enjoyed completing this craft activity. The cartoon cats are very cute and this is a craft we can actually use and display in our home. She enjoyed using the paints and baking her vases in the oven. I would give this craft kit as a gift to my nieces or daughter's friends.

Marie-Lise H.


great craft, and quite useful. The vases are proudly displayed in our kitchen. The paint can be rubbed of our removed using nail polish remover before it is baked, after that it is permanent. The color remained as bright after being baked. The paintbrush was of good quality and we didn't need to use another one. Between these kits and the breakfast sets, I know what we are going to be getting Mia's ( 9 ) friends for birthday gifts. It is a very unique gift. I found the cat design better suited to younger children since there is less detail involved although it appeals to an older girl more than the fairy design.

Joyce S.


The pictures of the cats were cute. The cats themselves were not overly detailed so were simplier to paint. The colours were pretty and looked the same before and after firing. The firing was simple and didn't smell. The kids [F10, F14] enjoyed painting the vases and even added little details of their own. They had fun and it kept them busy too.


Manufacturer Description

Three vases that can be created by painting in one's style, with little cats. Jusst Paint; bake at 300F (150C), and wash. Finished vases have a glossy finish and are wawshable. 

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  • 12 Brightly Coloured Paints