Age: 3 years and up

Production Status: In Stores

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Play Tested Review

These jumbo-sized K’Nex pieces are easier to manipulate than the original toy, and projects build up fast — perfect for the preschool crowd. And, we love that the toy appeals to girls as much as boys. Note that while the eyes, ears and jointed limbs in this set inspire lots of creature-building projects, the toy works best with a little help - especially if this is your child's first experience with a construction toy. Show him/her how the components fit together to make models they can play with. Once they see the possibilities, most kids take over and enjoy playing independently. Editor's Note: Originally introduced in 2003, this jumbo sized kiddi version of K'NEX toys has been part of the K'NEX educational line for some time now. But this year the sets are being reintroduced to the consumer line up, and easily available in toy stores.




I liked building creations with the help of my big brother (7). We would play with our creations after and create our own monsters. Sometimes it was hard for me to assemble or follow examples. But my big brother helped me.


Marc T.

Wonderful Toy. I can't believe the girls (3 & 5) play with it so much, and for such long stretches. Finally a toy I can play with my daughter's that's not a doll!


Manufacturer Description

Flexible, colorful parts put the fun of K’NEX® within the grasp of preschool hands.