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Kidizoom Smartwatch


Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $59.99

MSRP (USD): $59.99

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This little watch-sized unit is so much more than a watch. Still, it was the idea of wearing a real watch that excited our testers most, especially those just learning to tell time because this watch can also announce the time out loud. Despite its small size, the unit sports a wide variety of features. The built-in camera was a big hit and the voice-changer offered lots of amusement. The watch offers practical uses as well, like the morning alarm and count down timer for brushing teeth, both presented in an appealing enough way that kids wanted to use them. Parents loved that they could limit the game-playing time - a critical feature on a unit kids have 24/7 access to. The unit comes with three on board games, plus lots more you can download to keep this always-with them unit engagingly refreshed and ready to keep kids amused whenever there's a boring wait to tough through.




I like the games on the watch. It's cool that the camera is in a different direction so you can take a picture when it's on your arm. There are so many things that you can do with this watch! This watch is really incredible! I really like the new app where it's a countdown timer for brushing my teeth. I also like that I can switch between the different kind of clocks (analog to digital) by swiping my finger.



This is the best watch. I dont know how to tell the time but it will say it for me. Also I have a lot of games that I can play whenever i want to. And I take lots and lots of pictures and I can make them into a puzzle.



I really like the owl that tells me the time. I can put it on by myself and it can change your voice to sound all funny. I like that you can take a picture while wearing it. That's kind of sneaky.


Rebecca Y.

Wow! Ezra (M6) picked up this watch and I didn't hear from him for a long time! And he's completely attached to it still. He uses it for everything - from timing his teeth-brushing to playing games. He even has the alarm set for the morning- I always get a chuckle when I hear the rooster crowing alarm! They've added some more apps online, which I've downloaded (it's really easy to use the software). He enjoyed having new things added for him to explore every so often. I just wish the games were more educational. I don't think he's going to be able to part with this anytime soon! He figured out how to take pictures, record videos and play games right away. The resolution is amazing and it's perfect for little fingers (mine were a bit too big to control everything). Definitely the coolest watch I've seen. There is a matching game, puzzle game (need to rotate 1 piece correctly) and a game where you have to touch the circles of music notes. I've set up an account for myself and Ezra (M6) on Vtech where you can download more apps for the watch from their website. The interface online is pretty neat (has the feel of Google Play, which I'm used to). One other thing that I discovered on the watch is a game time limit that the parent can set up. I have a feeling that an older child would be able to reset it themselves if they so desired, but Ezra hasn't yet discovered that.

Elyse S.

After some time figuring out the watch - the girls 4, 6 have figured out how to record their voices, play all the games, and are constantly taking pictures. They switch off on who gets to wear the watch for the day - but they still play with it together (its not just a one person plays at a time toy)- recording funny songs and taking pics of eachother. Im a bit nervous about testing out the claim that its splash proof. I know how my kids wash their hands - and it usually involves a bath in the sink! So I have been really careful about not letting them keep the watch on whenever they came even close to water!! There is also an excellent feature that easily allows a parent to limit the amount of time spent gaming per day.

Julie J.

Very happy that it doesn't run on batteries, it's a great selling point to have it hook into a USB port to charge. Our youngest (F7) who is still learning to tell time has been playing a lot with the Time Master feature that allows her to manipulate the time and tells her out loud what the time is, it's too bad it doesn't tell her the actual time out loud. For example, she could push on the actual time and hear it spoken various ways, 2:40 or twenty minutes to 3. I am also very happy to see both digital time and the analog time feature.

Annie D.


My four year old son is getting very technologically savy. We got this watch without any instructions. As soon as it got into my son's hands, he immediately discovered the games, the camera, and voice recording. Together we personnalized the watch. Very entertaining and keeps him quiet during car trips :)

Scott B.

Though the games are too simple on this toy the owl that told you the time was popular, as was the voice changing app.

Allison M.

The games are not really educational. There is a find the same face - that one just shows you a face and you need to click on the one that is the same. I wouldn't consider it educational. There is a music note game where you click on the music note that is flashing. That one doesn't really teach anything. The puzzle game is very simple and you just have 4 puzzle pieces that you have to rotate. It's too simple too be really educational. The most educational part was the time setting of the watch. It's a neat toy and the kids enjoyed playing with it and loved the photos, making little movies and recording sounds and changing them but I wouldn't call it educational.


Manufacturer Description

The Smartest Watch For Kids. More than just a watch, VTech's Kidizoom Smartwatch lets young photographers take photos and videos. Plus, play mini learning games and tell time for learning fun on the go!

Included learning games: Go to VTech’s Learning Lodge™ to download more games and watch displays.

Choose your watch face: Includes a timer, alarm and your choice of over 50 digital and analog displays.

Splash proof for everyday play, Great for kids on the go.

Connect to your computer: Upload photos and videos from the Smartwatch to your computer.

Rechargeable battery: Built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 2 weeks.

Available in Green, white, blue and pink.

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