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Kinderfeets Balance Bike


Age: 2 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $139.99

MSRP (USD): $129.99

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I love my bike. Can we bring it along mama, to the cottage. (every time he sees it he wants to ride it or bring it along)



"I only want a pedal bike if it's going to be as fast as a balance bike!"


Gabrielle L.

This toy is a great "tool" to help kids with their balance. No pedals really encourages kids to learn balance, to later on apply that with learning to pedal. My son 3, is really learning with this and putting his feet on the ground when the bike would tip a little. I think it will be easy to skip the training wheels! I like that its made of wood, which makes it very light enough that kids acn carry it, and easier to maneuver or even bring along on any trip, out of town or to the park!!. The only thing I noticed, is that the wood is chipping a bit.

Kim G.

We were really excited about trying out the bike since our son, age 3, is at the right age and ability for it. It's unfortunately a little short for our average sized 3 year old, and he did not really adapt well to this toy. It's difficult to say whether it is because the bike is too short for him or because using the bike is too difficult for him. After two months of testing, he is enjoying riding this bike a little bit more. He is able to keep up with our walking pace easily and can navigate the bike fairly easily.

Renée R.


A balance bike is the best way for a child to learn to balance on a bike. It makes so much more sense! The bike is light and seems well built, except that I noticed that it chipped in a few spots after only about a month (without being handled roughly at all).

Renee R.


I really think a balance bike is the best way to learn to ride a bike. The small foot rests on the Kinderfeets bike are perfect for gaining the confidence to put your feet up on pedals while you are learning to balance. It's a terrific balance bike!

Sandra W.

Easy and fast to assemble. Minimal packaging. Comes with its own tools to assemble. This is F3's first time using a "bike" and she was thrilled with it. After two months of use, it continues to keep her interest and she uses it daily. She is able to steer it and balance quite easily. She mostly walked with the bike while seated on it, but she would probably be able to use the foot pegs to balance once she had more practice with it. She enjoyed drawing on the frame which has a chalkboard finish on part of it, but then the chalk will rub off on the inside of her leg when she is seated on the bike. Wish we had it for my oldest child when she was learning to ride a bike. More pricey than other wooden bikes on the market but I am not sure if it is due to the chalkboard.

E R.

What's not to love about a bike! This bike is fantastic! It is the first "balance bike" that I see with small foot rests, which are perfect for gaining the confidence to put your feet up on pedals while you are learning to balance. That said, I would venture that not every 2 year old could get on this bike without frustration. Simon is just shy of 3 and is still hesitant with it and struggles a bit to hold it up. His older brother Olivier (4) is a pro with it and will test how far he can glide! This gave Olivier (4) great satisfaction. The only problem for us now is that he doesn't want to move to a pedal bike because pedaling will be slower! It's a shame that the bike is made of a wood that chips so easily. Otherwise, it seems very well built.

Nadine L.

Great great bike! I love how this toy encourage my 3 year old son to play outside and be active. He always wants to ride this bike to the park or Tim Horton's. He really enjoys this toy. At first he would go slow but the more he gets familiar with it the faster he goes and let's go of his feet. It was easy to put together and seems really sturdy - and it's pretty light and slim, which which makes it easy for my son (3) to navigate. From day one, he was able to ride on the bike for longer distances compared to any other bike. Now, after more than a month of use, he is still as interested in it as the first day he got it. He loves taking the bike to the park or simply riding it in the yard. He goes faster now and lifts up his feet. I can see why this bike will help with balance for when he has a real bike. Love it!


Manufacturer Description

High quality hand-made wooden pushbike with footpegs, in black chalkboard finish. Includes a pack of Crayola chlk!

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