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Klutz Circuit Clay


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $28.99

MSRP (USD): $21.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Early Feedback

A mix of art and science, this kit includes clay that lets you add lights to your sculpture, without running wires through it. The clay itself conducts the electrical charge - pretty cool since its still safe to touch. We love that kids are using their creative juices at the same time they're learning a bit of science - like how to design their sculpture to allow the electricity to turn on the lights - no short circuits along the way. A great hands on way to puzzle out electrical circuits.




I liked it because when you put the battery box and LEDs in the clay it makes a circuit and it lights up . The clay is so smooth and it smells good. The examples on the box are cool and I am going to make some.



It's really neat to make different things out of the clay and then get it to light up!



It's exciting how the lights light up because of the clay completing the circuits. I like that you can make a lot of things with it, and you can make lots of different circuits. I also like all the different coloured led lights. I just wish there were a few more clay colours. Also, the instructions were a little difficult to follow. I wish that there was a lot of clay so that I could keep the project intact and never have to destroy each thing. David M8



I liked the colours of clay and I liked the choices of items to make and that It combines clay and mini lights that light up. The clay is easy to mold and put into shapes according to the instructions. It was interesting that the coloured clay was really easy to use but the white clay was much thicker. I liked how my snowman looked when it was done. But after you build the item, you have to put it away, so you can't play with it. If you want to make a new thing you have to take apart what you just built.



I liked making the dragon - he was so cute and small and I like when the eyes and mouth would light up. The insulator clay felt very different then the coloured clay. I didn't like that when you are finished, you can't play with the dragon, you have to put it away and take the lights off. This isn't a toy you can play with, you just make it and you're done. To make other clay things in the book you have to take apart what you've built to make a new one.


Susan C.

A really cool idea to mix clay with lights and be able to add other features such as paper to create different shapes. It was very easy for my son to get started playing with this toy on his own. The instructions were very kid friendly and he was able to learn the steps without any help from a parent. He played with it for a long time during the first play session. There are several steps from building with the clay to connecting the lights. He seems to be enjoying all the elements of the toy. It does take 4 AA batteries so make sure you have those on hand! Also, the clay does dry out so he has to be stored away in a plastic bag.

Rebecca Y.

Ezra (M9) played with this a couple times, but wasn't enthralled with it. The book and supplies are great quality, easy to use, very kid-friendly and interesting - allows children to explore electricity in a safe way. It features some cute projects, and teaches kids about electricity in a safe way, but it didn't have a lasting appeal for him.

Wendy K.

My son, age 8, was very excited for this toy. He opened it immediately and began following the instructions in the booklet. The instructions needed to be explained a little bit and he needed a little bit of guidance, but was very excited to complete his rocket ship. It was a little frustrating at the beginning because he likes to be independent with this type of thing, but he did improve with a little practice, and I think as he does it more, he'll continue to improve. He was disappointed to learn that he needed to take it apart if he wanted to build other things, but he then enjoyed building his flashlight. He wants to go through the booklet and build pretty much everything. That said, he definitely is upset to take it apart each time. That's a huge downside for my son. So far, he has taken out this toy twice to play with. The quality seems good, although my son complains that sometimes the clay crumbles, so perhaps it dried out a little bit, even though he's quite meticulous about putting it away immediately upon finishing his project. It's a good project for following instructions, but my son doesn't think that it teaches much about circuits. He says it's really just building with clay. I think he enjoys the concept more than the toy itself. He really likes the LED lights and how he can put it all together, but he finds it frustrating that he needs to take it all apart right away if he wants to make anything else. He misses the ability to show off his projects to his grandparents and friends whenever they come over. I do like this toy, but I think the fact that my son cannot keep his projects intact is a huge downside.

Allison M.

The selection of projects in the book was great and included a lot of really cute options. Both kids (7 & 10) had no problem building the clay circuits and following the instructions. The learning aspect of the circuit clay was great - it was a fun way to learn about electricity while making something fun. The circuit light up worked really well and helped to explain to the kids about how electricity always tries to choose the shortest path but it can only go through the conductive clay but not the insulating clay. You could only light up one project at a time though as there was only one circuit. The kids loved playing with the clay and it was interesting for them that they could feel the difference very easily between the insulating clay (thicker, harder to mold) and the conductive clay - more squishy, really easy to mold and use. The one thing both my kids didn't like is that when they were done, they had to take apart what they built and put it away. You can not save what you have built and in order to build other projects, you need the insulating clay material from the original project. Also, the clay will dry out if you leave it on display. The kids loved making the creations, but then were sad when they had to take them apart and put them away. This also make them not very interested in making more creations as they knew they would have to put them away right after they were built. I felt that this was more a one or two time type of craft rather then something that would be returned to again and again since you had to take everything apart. The kids loved while they were building it and learned about electricity, but were sad when it was over.


Manufacturer Description

The Easiest Way to Learn About Electricity. Learning electricity is easy when you make clay creations that glow! Use our special conductive and insulating clay to make a sculpture, add LEDs, attach a battery pack, and watch your clay circuit light up. With more than 15 projects to choose from, including a robot, a UFO, a dragon, and much more, Circuit Clay will surely spark your interest with a positive charge of creativity!


  • 52-page book of instructions and inpiration

  • 4 colors of reuseable conductive clay

  • White insulating clay

  • 20 LEDs

  • 4 AA battery pack (batteries not included)

  • 50+ paper punch-outs to decorate your sculptures