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Klutz Create Your Own Quote Art


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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I like making them myself. I love how easy it is to rub on the foil to make these posters shiny! When the quotes are done I can put them on my wall. I can also make up any quote I want. It comes with stencils for my own quotes- except I have to punch them all out. I like the sayings and that I can also add glitter wherever there is a sticky spot. But it sometimes hard to peel off the letters without bending the board and the foil rubs off faster than I thought. It would be cool if the boards came bookmark size. I could make lots of bookmarks.



I liked this craft, but it was mostly already made. I liked that you are able to "foil" the quotes in lots of different colours, but there aren't a lot of places that you can foil and the craft only came with 2 pencil crayons - it would have been better if it came with more. The part that I did was fun and turned out nice.



I really like this craft because the foil you use is really unique and different. The designs are cool and interesting. I liked all the different colours of foils and all the designs that came with the art kit. It was really fun and interesting to do and it created really nice and great art! I like the technique of using the foil to make designs. You can add to your art and colour in some of the designs with the pencils provided or use your own. It came with everything you need to create really great art and they are very sturdy pages so I would recommend it to my friends. But it only came with 11 art projects - it would be nice if it came with more. Also, more foil and a few more coloured pencils would be great.



I like the sparkly paper, it's really shiney and I like that you can turn a regular page into a bright and shiny page with the foil. I really like the page with the mermaid on it. The quotes are good ones for girls to hang in their rooms. It's a craft book like I never saw before. It's the first time I worked with foil. It takes a bit of practice to add the foil properly because you have to press really hard into the corners but be careful not to squish the paper to make wrinkles. I love the foil, especially the rainbow and sparkly silver ones. There's not a lot to colour and there's only a pink and purple crayon. Some of the designs have white spaces to colour but they look better white anyways. If you don't press hard enough on the foil into the corners, you can always go back over it again to patch it up. The foil scratched too easily once it was on the paper - like if your fingernail touched it, it would leave a mark. Also, the foil curled up a lot and was hard to keep flat.


Cathy M.

Great arts/crafts pack, may lack room for creativity but was loved by my daughter (F8) and her friend (F8). Great way to entertain kids for a couple of hours. The art projects are actually nice enough to hang! It was easy to remove the art pieces, but so great for storing between sessions except for the pencils as all other pieces would fall away. But this was done in one sitting with my girls, so a non-issue for us.

Kim M.

Interesting and creative, and a big hit. What made this unique were the interesting designs and very unique quotes! It kept Meaghan (F10) interested for well over an hour on 2 separate days - so much that she finished most of the projects in the kit, although with only 11 designs it is easy to finish and complete relatively quickly. Could come with additional foils as they ran out before the designs were finished. Also a few more coloured pencils (only 2 came with the kit). Great illustrations and helpful suggestions, although a little difficult to store everything back in small plastic storage at the side of the book.

Lisa G.

Kept my daughter (8) occupied in a positive constructive way. The special foil that can be rubbed onto a sticky surface to embellish cute quote boards is an awesome idea. Zahra loved making these posters for her room. They offer cute advice and she can be proud of her creations and they look good on display. She had fun mixing and matching foil colours and using the special rubbing tool. Super easy - need to get out a perforated page and start peeling letters and shapes off the board and rubbing coloured foil on. She peeled foil too fast at first, but we showed her how to peel slowly and then she was more successful. The sticky boards with empowering quotes are ingenious and the foil and tool are easily stored at the side of the booklet. Pages are perforated and pop out easily so more than one child can play side by side. Sharing the tool could work, popsicle stick would also work fine. The cardboard is a good thickness. Sticky dots may need replacement - they didn't stay on the wall very long. I particularly liked the "girl power" type quotes, very empowering. Great play value as she spent a lot of time making the posters - she got a finished product she was proud of and the quotes are empowering!

Tammy W.

I love the positive quotes and bright colours, it's perfect for my daughter (8) to hang in her room. It didn't take too long to complete the book, however, the pictures still hang in her room. The book is sturdy and the pages are great quality. The foil was difficult to keep together and Ava F8 did need some help to make sure to get the edges flattened into the spaces. The pictures were fun and the words were motivating. The bright paper and the pretty designs are what captured my daughter's attention. It's important to emphasize the need to press into all corners when adding the foil or else the end result is not so great. A little bit difficult for my 8 year old to push the foil into the corners of the spaces. My 6 year old was not able to do this without help. The foils were all rolled up in the book so it was hard to place them down to stick. Also, the foil scratched or smudged really easily. Sometimes even another paper touching it left marks. Only 2 crayons included which seems odd. The tool works great for lifting up the paper to add the foil. The instructions are clear and fun to read. Once the book closed, it seemed to lift off some of the foil we had put on so I recommend pulling the page out to work on it or at least pull it out once it's completed. My daughter was a lot less interested in colouring aspect of this book, especially as the book only included a few crayons. She was very interested in applying the foil, but got frustrated with missing the corners of the spaces and accidentally scratching the foil. I like the idea, but the end product wasn't as pretty as expected.


Manufacturer Description

Color and decorate 11 quote art prints any way you please with this customizable collection of inspirational phrases. Each board has a special sticker surface so you can add sparkle with glittery foil. Go wild coloring the quote-worthy sayings or create your own motivational mottos with 4 fill-in-the-blank boards and 2 included stencils. Either way, you're guaranteed to say a little something in a big way.

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  • 4 locker-size art boards,