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Klutz Design and Dye With No Heat Batik


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $26.99

MSRP (USD): $21.99

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This was really cool. My mom used an old shirt we had and some old sneakers I had. We made a designs on the sneakers. We had to let them dry for a while but it was cool to work on shoes. The colours were bright and the ink was 3d. the tshirt was cool too. i just made designs. I didn't do a picture because I think it would be to difficult to make pictures without smugging the stuff. We let the paint dry outside and it dried nicely. It just took some time and you need patience.



The Design and Die kit is fun but it took to long to do. The book comes with nice designs and nice colors but only a small square, I would of liked a t-shirt or bandana.



I was disappointed that my squares didn't end up looking the way I wanted them to but painting on a white t-shirt was fun.



I like that it gives you recipes for paint colours, the cardboard and the plastic sheet. They are all helpful. The paint is very easy to squeeze out into droplets so it is easy to control and it covers a lot of area so you don't need to use a lot of paint. It is easy to do and they give you good designs but you can make your own, too. You have to hold the paint bottle completely upside down so the paint will come out properly. The doodle gel is really helpful and cool in that it will disappear.



My favorite project so far was the white undershirt that I painted.I used my old white undershirt and turned it into a masterpiece. I designed it myself and didn't need to use the templates. The colors are really nice and bright. I really like that the kit comes with an idea book and I love the paint colors too. The book helped me get creative and use my own imagination.


Orietta M.

We picked a nice day to do this outside. I wasn't sure how easily this paint would come off if it got on different surfaces so we did it outside on the pavement. We used old sneakers and a tshirt to do art. Camilla (C10) had so much fun designing her shoes, she really got into it, as well as the shirt. It was like using a canvas. She spent a good amount of time designing and we still have paint left for more projects. The book is really well written and offers many ideas. It is kid friendly and I just love the quality. Klutz are not usually this expensive but I am assuming this kit is more expensive becasue the paint must be more expensive.

Ann L.

The Klutz Design and Die book and intuction make it seem so much fun, that the hype unfortunatly dies when you realize the projet will take at least a week to complete. Emma started the project on the small squares and wanted to start a T-shirt but by the time she finished the squares the interest was gone. The end product does not come out as nice as in the book. I am a big fan of Klutz crafts, but a little desapointed with this one.

Julie J.

I think the girls (F7, F9) were too heavy handed with their paints as it took a LONG time for the paint to dry and ended up being smudged and not holding its pattern properly. The girls had fun with the experience but both were annoyed that their batik squares once they were dry didn't look a thing like they did when they painted them.

Sylvie S.

Fun and actually very easy to use. Both our 9 year old and 6 year old enjoyed this craft. It was easy enough to do and great that no heat was needed. First we used the doodle gel to draw our design and then on to the paint bottle to make our picture stand out. The kids couldn't wait for their créations to go through the laundry once so they could see the finished product and wear it. They both redesigned plain white undershirts and sock. It works well and the end product looks amazing! Impressed!


Manufacturer Description

Make works of wearable art! For centuries, batik artists around the world have used hot wax to add amazing, hand-dyed designs to everything from intricate tapestries to one-of-a-kind scarves. Now, Klutz introduces a no-heat, mess-free way to tackle this stunning art at home!  With Design & Dye, turning drawings into colourful, wearable designs is as simple as “trace, paint, and wash.” Our doodling gel and collection of fun, traceable art makes creating unique styles a snap. And, after a crash course in pattern making and color mixing, 50 designs and 3 paint bottles become endless possibilities! We provide 10 fabric swatches so kids can try out tons of designs. Once they’ve found their favorites, they can use the same easy technique and materials to refashion anything in the closet. It’s the perfect craft for fashionistas-in-the-making and creative kids who like to colour outside the lines! 

Year Introduced



  • 10 fabric swatches


  • Create your own fabric prints in 3 easy steps