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Klutz Draw It 3D


Age: 8 to 12 years

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $16.99

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I like that everything is one book and that the pencils and rulers can be saved inside. It's fun to follow the steps but I only did the easy pages. I like the dragons but not the zombies and aliens, I think this set is for boys. I think it would be fun when I have more time to explore it.



It teaches you how to draw stuff in 3D and that is epic, but basically the only fun thing you can do is draw things in 3D. It comes with an eraser too so you can also erase things that were 3D. I like that the box on the side of the book has the pencil and other pieces inside, but I wish it came with a couple coloured pencils or pens. That would have been cool. I can draw some cool things now thanks to the book.



The drawings look easy, but then when i try it is really really hard.



It is great! At first I thought it would be too hard so I did not think it would be superfun, but then I tried one and the picture looked really good! Even though I just did one of the pages it was awesome. I liked it because I already knew about the horizon and making things far away small but this picture had a monster in the middle and at school we did a picture with a horizon but it just had trees. The next page I want to do for sure is the one with King Kong and the building - there is part of it already there so you just have to add the missing spots. I like the little box for the pencils on the side and they are special drawing pencils. They had some pictures of real art that were cool - like the picture where someone drew a picture popping out of the sidewalk. I would like to know how to draw that so I read that page.


Jennifer F.

ABSOLUTELY by far the best thing about this drawing kit is that every page seems designed for boys - pictures of monsters and other characters that really grabbed their attention. It seems rare to look in a craft\art section and see kits that appeal so much to boys. The simple tips with quick and easy ways for them to make their drawing look more real are great for the average kid, and there are more challenging activities we haven't gotten to yet for kids who are budding artists. Although M8 and M10 have only completed a few activities so far they both have read through the whole booklet. M10 is primarily testing this and even though we haven't gotten to the more challenging activities, it does not seem too hard (and he is not an overly artistic kid). Each activity seems to follow 3- or at most 6 - easy steps. Both were following along their fairly simple activities on their own. Some of the harder ones later in the book look like they may require a bit of adult encouragement. M10 is often intimidated by art projects that he feels are too complex, but the several activities he did, one with help and several on his own worked out really well. The easier drawings took less than 20 minutes - a good amount of time for him to happily want to try something new and challenging, but not leaving him feeling overwhelmed. M8 is also actually really drawn to this kit. He was really interested in the little tip bubbles that appear on each page. It is not drastically changing his drawing ability but he loves seeing how something like adding a little dark spot for a shadow under his monster makes it look much more real. Even the activities he has not attempted and says "might be too hard" he is reading about and seeing how the artist makes something 3D etc. I like the size of this booklet - having a craft\art activity that doesn't necessarily take over the kitchen table and has the possibility of grab-and-draw-in-the-car is great. And it seems a sturdy booklet with spiral binding, and an attached box to keep pencils in. The spiral binding is nice - we,ve only been using this kit a few weeks but it has been hauled around in a backpack, in the car, etc, and it still is very sturdy. I would expect this kit would last more than a year. Along with various activities there are lots of little sidebars with pictures and facts that even I find interesting.

Cathy M.

This has not been used more than a few times in our house as the girls (both f8) are finding the drawings very challenging, so they preferred to go free style. My 8 year old daughter and 8 year old step-daughter found the drawings/instructions very challenging. One gave up and the other one just drew things they said to draw, but without really following instructions. If you have a child who has talent for drawing and really wants to learn various techniques, this is a good book for them. A lot of instructions on how to draw. Needs a kid with enough interest to read and apply instructions.

Lisa G.

Zahra (F9) was interested but not dedicated enough to read through all the theory and steps required. This may have been too abstract for her love of drawing. It required lots of reading and trial and error. The drawings and 3Dimensional pop outs to help visualize the project. This kit would be great to bring someone's drawing skills to the next level. I'd suggest 10+.

Susan C.

A really cool art/sketch book. It is a pretty advanced drawing book. A nice introduction to a complex subject. But there are some really fun concepts outlined and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Although my son's (8) drawings didn't always turn out exactly the way they were intended, he is beginning to grasp the concept of making drawings 3D. He drew his favourite images, some of the examples had too many instructions and he wasn't interested. Some concepts are more advanced so I agree with the disclaimer that ages 10+ would be more appropriate. My son is 8 and has a passion for drawing but it might be different for other 8 years old.

Orietta M.

This is the perfect book for me and my kids (M9, F11). I love how they break down the drawing step by step to make it easier. There is a lot to learn in this book, but it takes time and you really have to like doodling or drawing to appreciate this kind of activity. It is kid friendly, but geared for older kids - 8+ is a little too young, I would say 11 and up. There is a lot of background info and neat details to learn when drawing. It gives you good insight on how to draw and make your pictures more interesting and illusional.


Manufacturer Description

Learn how to make your art POP off the page using nothing more than the tools included with this book: pencil, pen, ruler, and eraser-3D glasses not required! The drawing techniques in this book are just as fun for doodlers and scribblers as they are for aspiring artists. With inspiring illustrations of aliens, zombies, dragons, dinosaurs, and the like, you will learn about perspective and optical illusions, along with cool tools that professional artists, engineers, and video game designers use to bring their drawings to life. It's time to take your art to a whole new dimension (pun intended).

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