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Klutz Dress Your Own Paper Pups


Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $16.99

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Our testers enjoyed hours and hours of fun with this puppy-themed twist on classic paper doll play. Play centered mostly around choosing outfits and making up stories about the dogs and why they are wearing the chosen clothes.




The puppies are getting married! And I made a queen bee puppy with a bee costume and tiara. This is fun to play with. They're playing in my Barbie house.



I like that you can decorate them and use them over and over again. It was really, really easy.



I really like playing with the paper pups - they are a lot of fun and I think the costumes are cute. They were easy to punch out and put together except for the collars. I also liked the stands and dog carrier.



We put on lots of fashion shows and we likes dressing them up. I even put cheerleading clothes on my puppy! This is better than the mermaid one we had before because you can just take the clothes off and change them whenever you want instead of using glue stickers. The puppies are really cute.


Julie J.

A huge hit in our house. These pups are adorable, and all of the accessories have made for hours of entertainment. Contains everything the kids needed to outfit their pups all by themselves. Easy to change the outfits and put new ones on whenever they want to. Cardboard is nice and sturdy, also love the storage pouch at the back of the book for all of the loose pieces.

Carolyn R.

My daughter, 7, thoroughly enjoyed the paper pups. She independently punched all the paper pups and accessories out on her own. She assembled them on her own except she had to ask for help with the collars. I had trouble getting them to stay on too, so we had to use a little painter's tape to help. The costumes are thoughtfully made and my F7 enjoyed the variety of them. She played with them almost daily at first and then about once or twice a week. This toy encourages your child to be creative and imaginative. I think the value is reasonable and would spend this amount on the toy. The design of paper pups is great. The folder in the back is handy storage for the pups once they have been taken out of the book. The folder could be a bit larger and maybe a Velcro fastener instead of a paper one would increase longevity. The age group recommendation was right on except for a few of the smaller accessories (which I even had trouble with). My F7 needed little assistance from me to get going with this kit. Instructions were good with nice illustrations to help. The quality of paper pups is high and if handled gently, the dogs and larger clothing item will last a while. Overall, a great product and a great source of fun for an extended period.

Ruth B.

My 6-1/2 year old daughter was immediately taken by this book. I had to make her wait until we had time, and when she was allowed, she spent over 1/2 hour going through the book and looking at the various clothing and accessories. With a little help from me, initially, she quickly learned how to make the clothing work and she worked mostly independently. She has really enjoyed this toy, and continues to enjoy it still. Every week she makes a new outfit or new set-up for the dogs.

Tammy W.

There are so many pieces and clothing and accessories that you get to give the puppies a different look each time. The instructions are clear and pieces are easy to punch out and are of good quality. Most pieces - including clothing, hats and tiarras - attached nicely except for the collars which we used scotch tape to keep on. The stands were a nice addition as well as the storage pocket at the back of the book. The girls did a lot of imaginative play with this toy. It would be great if they had other versions like kittens or ponies.

Sandra W.

F6 likes playing dress up with dolls so immediately took to this craft. Having paper dogs instead of dolls is a nice twist. She and F4 continue to be very interested in this toy and play with it daily, making up stories about the 5 dogs and why they are wearing the outfits they chose for them. It is nice that it comes with 5 dogs so that more than 1 person can play with it at the same time. In the back of the book, there is a paper "purse" where you are supposed to be able to store the many, many pieces that come with this toy. However, they fall out easily. It would be better if it came with a plastic zippered compartment to hold all the pieces of clothing and accessories. In the end, we placed those pieces in a big zip lock bag when not in use. She was able to easily remove the pieces from the pages (punching them out). The clothing have indentations where they should be folded to fit on the dogs. However, F6 did not realize it initially and was making her own folds. This needed to be reviewed with her as she did not understand it right away. Later on, she was able to do it independently. It is all made of paper so can tear if a child was tugging hard on some pieces. Some pieces or tabs did rip with play. It comes with so many clothing pieces that we would not notice unless many pieces were missing. Does not take up a lot of room and can be easily portable.


Manufacturer Description

If every little girl had her way, she'd have a little dog to pamper and dress up and tote around with her wherever she goes. Oddly enough, many parents are not on board with this plan. So little girls have had to do without little dogs - until now. Dress Up Your Own Paper Pups comes with 5 tear- resistant paper puppies - a Yorkie, a Chihuahua, a Maltese, a Poodle, and a Pug. Their fabulous punch-out wardrobes include winter and summer outfits, pajamas, rain gear, and even a bikini. With over thirty double-sided fashions, these precious pups will look good from head to toe to tail. Unlike regular paper doll outfits, these clothes stay securely in place and look just as stylish from the back as they do from the front. Accessories range from the indispensable (food bowls, bones, and hair curlers) to the extravagant (a tutu). And just in case the pups don't feel up to prancing, we have included a punch-out doggie carrier, so girls can carry their new best friends in style. Call it puppy love, Klutz style.

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