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Klutz Headbands & Hairstyles


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $21.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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Our testers loved making their own headbands - especially, when they could coordinate them with the outfits they wore. The book also includes some hairstyles to further compliment your headbands.




I really like how the book gave me a bunch of different hairstyles to try. (I need my mom's help) Also I liked how there were different headbands that I got to make. And my friends thought it was cool that I made the headbands.



I used clear nailpolish to stick the sequins to the haedband and even though I had to wait for a while for them to dry, they stuck and looked a lot better than they did with glue all around the outside of them staining the headband. For some of them I put clear nail polish under the sequin and on top and on some I just put it under, in both cases the sequin stuck.



I had to help my little sister with her headband. She found it too difficult to do by herself. I also found it difficult. The explanations where not very detailed and a bit hard to follow, for example to make a bow they say to bend the ends but they don't say if they should touch, be one on top of the other or separated. I decided to put them a little separated and it turned out OK since there where 3 bows one on top of each other and a another piece was placed over the center and covered it up. I think it would have been a good idea to have included a needle and thread, my mom does not sow and it took a while before we found some. The finished bow was very loose around the headband. the headband was covered with ribbon. I ended up gluing it in place and after 2 tires I put enough glue. If my mom was around for that part I think I could have sown it up and it would have been tighter. So I guess to make the headbands are too difficult to make for a 7 or 8 yr old. But I would not wear it, my little sister would.



Most amazing craft I have ever done. All my friends want one! I LOVE THIS TOY!!!!!! It was awesome! I made a headband and wore it to school the next day and three girls asked me to make them one! So I did and they all have worn them. And the book comes with really cool ideas for your hair! So I did my hair the way the book said to and got many complements! This book is amazing and I cant get my hands off of it!


Jasmin S.


My daughter loves to do crafts and this was just up her alley! She had so much fun making her very own original headbands. The great thing is that she got to spend time thinking about how she was going to make her headbands original & unique. She made some really pretty headbands. 

Marie-Lise H.


The more I work with this book , the more I think it is much harder than I thought. You do need to be able to be an excellent english reader, the explanations have a few pictures but not enough that a 7 or 8 yr old would be able to fully understand. I did not read all the words and ended up making a mistake. It takes a lot of patience, first to cut 2 little piece of ribbon and have them glued to the end, that takes over 1 hour to do properly and you're stuck not being able to advance on your project. Mia wanted to do the simple wrap around of the ribbon, well after she tried 4 or 5 times to wrap the ribbon it would always have a ripple or not be tight enough and she had to undo it, finally she gave up and asked me to do it. After 2 days, we have just finished wrapping the silk around and tapping it in place.

Laurie T.


The headbands that Tia (F12) made are really beautiful and she was very impressed with her creativity. The kit comes with a lot of supplies so that she can make a lot more headbands as she needs them to match outfits. Tia has a lot of ribbons as well that she can use in the future. I have seen plain headbands in stores although was not able to find any recently. The kit gives great ideas to be able to custom make accessories for different outfits.


Manufacturer Description

Everything a girl needs to design, make, and wear headbands in her own personal style. This chic how-to book shows young designers how to wrap the band and then make and attach super-cute embellishments like bows, ruffles, and sequined flowers. All the supplies to make three uniquely beautiful headbands are provided, along with step-by-step instructions for five beautifully banded hairstyles. Fashion, craft, and beauty — all tied up in a ribbon.

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  • step-by-step instructions for 5 beautifully banded hairstyles