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Klutz Jr. My Clay Critters


Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

Production Status: In Stores

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They are sea creatures that I made myself. Its like playdoh but lasts longer. I like playdoh, but these I could play with after. Aiden (almost 4)



I like making the clay fish. I really like the octopus. It was fun to squish and then poke with the paper things. It was a funny material to squish, so I really like that. I also liked making the smiles and poking in the eyes. I sometimes gave the fishies a surprised mouth.



I love clay and I love mushing stuff with my hands. You can mush the clay around in your hands, flatten it down, make it into a ball, make it into a long string. I like the different colors. You have different choices of animals to make-a lot!, but they only make sea creatures. I thought they'd make farm animals.



You can make animals and they are clay. For our clay, we can't make any animals out of it because we don't know how to! I want them to add to the clay animals, to add 2 of each because I wanted to make the same animal that my sister made.


Annie D.

Both my M3 and M6 year olds really enjoyed creating their little creatures by following the manual. My 3 year old was able to get creative aswell. Hes the one who actually loved to play the longest with them. I would recommend for age 3+. Once they made their creatures, they were able to play with them for few weeks before they creations started to fall apart and break.Overall, great quality and they lasted a long time. They also make cute decorations. I definitely recommend.

Wendy K.

My 4 year old loved squishing the clay right away. At first, she just wanted to copy all the pictures in the booklet - she just needed a little help to get a ball shape. Then after copying about 4 of them, she decided to just mix the colours and make her own creatures. She had an amazing time with it and kept herself busy (with minimal help from me) for about 30 minutes for the first play session and then close to 2 hours for her second play session. I like that the booklet contains simple instructions and pictures that a 4 year old could easily follow with only minimal help. The material is easy to use and fun to play with. The quality is generally excellent. For some reason, the white clay got all mushy so we couldn't even take it out of the bag because it was stuck to the plastic. Other than that, everything was great. My 4 year old had a little trouble making balls, but it was excellent practice for her. It's a good skill to learn and she definitely improved with practice. I did need to help at times, but she was mostly independent. My 6 year old wanted to try it out too, so she made a clay turtle and was completely independent. She thought it was boring, though, because it was too easy. But I can definitely picture some 6 year olds enjoying it. The instructions were totally kid-friendly, even friendly to those who cannot read at all (such as my just turned 4 year old). The only thing that I dislike about this toy is that once it's completed, the creatures are never touched again. It's a great activity for about 2 hours and then it's over. That's just sort of the nature of this type of craft, though. My 4 year old daughter really enjoyed making the clay creatures. She enjoyed the material of the clay and she liked that she could "read" the instructions completely independently. She was able to find the pieces to go with each creature and just needed a little bit of help to get the shape that was required for the body. She had a great time!

Sandra W.

F5 and F8 enjoyed this kit very much. They liked the feel of the clay, which was very soft and easy to mold. The colors are very attractive. They especially liked the idea book that gives easy to follow instructions on what critters they could create., and the add-on pre-cut shapes that come with the kit, including eyes to finish off their creations. After the creatures were created, they were mostly just used for decoration and the kids did not really play with them again.


Manufacturer Description

Made especially for little hands learning fine motor skills, this book and craft kit is ready for kids to dive right in and make 10 adorable ocean critters. With 6 colors of air-dry clay, a special shaping tool, and colorful pre-cut and custom pieces, kids can follow simple step-by-step instructions to create their own underwater adventures. Promotes: Pre-Reading Skills; HAnd-Eye Coordination; IMagination & Creativity


  • 28-page book of instructions & inspiration

  • 6 colors of air-dry clay

  • 8 plastic eyes

  • Custom texture tool

  • 49 pre-cut shapes