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Klutz Loop Loom: Make super-stretchy beaded bracelets


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $23.99

MSRP (USD): $21.99

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Stretchy bracelets are a huge fad right now, and this set offers a slightly different way to  makes them. Our testers loved having an alternative to elastic braiding, and particularly loved that these beads are so easily added to these bracelet designs. 




I love this set. There are lots of different coloured strings I can use and I can mix up the colours. The beads are great so you don't have to go look for some. Holding the loom is different from what I am use to when I made the elastic bracelets. That took time to get use to, but I really like what I made. This adds to my collection...I love this thing.



I really like adding beads to my bracelets and I like that the cord is very stretchy. The bracelets I made are very nice. My mom had to help me because sometimes I don't understand just from reading the instructions in the book.


Julie J.

A little bit of a learning curve for our 8 year old daughter, but she picked up the technique quickly, and seems to enjoy this one more than the Rainbow Loom. She loves all of the different colours and the ability to add beads to her creations. For parents looking for an alternative to the ever popular Rainbow Loom this craft offers enough variety and new techniques to keep older kids occupied for hours. The tool reminds me of a craft I used to do when I was younger called "corking", with yarn, a wooden spool of thread and nails in the top of it.

Sylvie S.

My 8 year old daughter was very excited when she got this kit because it was different and she was getting a little bored with the loom elastics. The klutz loom tools are different and so is the material used to make the bracelets. Aliyah (f8) needed some direction/explanations at first but got the hang of it very fast. The bracelets are really quite nice once they are done, but Aliyah (F8) still prefers the rainbow loom elastics over these. Even though the instructions are clear and easy, she really likes watching videos and following step by step instructions that way. It just seems easier to her. She has made a couple of bracelets but the elastics are still her go to.

Jennifer F.

M6, M8 and I noticed right away that this may be the only loom style bracelet set on the market right now that doesn't have a girl pictured on the box. Many of their friends, male and female, are obsessed with the bracelet craze, and it's nice to see a set that includes a wide range of colours that could appeal to any child. M6 and M8 both used this, but it appealed most to M6. He was excited to be able to use the wide variety of colours (read - not all purples and pinks!) to make a surfer dude style bracelet. With a little help and encouragement I was impressed that he could make some great bracelets!

Orietta M.

It takes time and effort, but my daughter (9) enjoys doing it. Is it better than rainbow loom? I don't know, they both require work and are both complicated with the weaving. Because there is only one loom, only one person can do it. The colours of the string are neat and vibrate. There are enough beads to make beautiful designs.

Marta W.

Very nice alternative to the common Rainbow Loom. I'd say the tool was very useful & it worked as my child make her bracelets by herself. Introducing beads to the whole design makes the bracelets much more individual and interesting.


Manufacturer Description

Here’s the next-generation version of a super-hot craft in an all-new, way-too-cool rainbow of colors. Our exclusive one-handed loom makes bracelets from continuous lengths of brightly-colored stretchy cord -- there’s no chance of a rubber band breaking and the whole bracelet unraveling. Frustration-free results every time!

Our kid-tested instructions teach a basic looping technique that’s easy to set up and simple to follow. With 11 different styles to choose from, you can add beads, mix up colors, and make every bracelet uniquely your own. It’s a jewelry kit you’ll be loopy about.

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  • 102 feet of elastic cord in 7 colors