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Klutz Make Glitter Clay Charms


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $26.99

MSRP (USD): $21.99

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Each charm is like a quick, mini project. The charm designs are quite attractive, and kids learn basic clay-modelling techniques without feeling bogged down by a long complex project. And like other polymer clay, this one doesn't harden until baked*, so kids can take all the time they need to create their masterpieces. (*although the cold clay is much easier to work with once you warm with your fingers). A great introduction to working with polymer clay, and very popular with our tween and teen play testers. While our testers for the original Make Clay Charms title awarded it a a solid Platinum rating, we had somewhat more mixed reaction to this newest title - likely because (despite the glitter), our testing families found the projects had a little more gender neutrality so we had kids with a wider variety of skill sets testing the book. Also, satisfaction with the finished projects depends a great deal on the child's expectation, whether they are perfectionists or more inclinded to be happy with what they created. 




We have all kinds of things on our backpack but this is the only thing I've ever made, but it is so cool it looks like someone else made it. I like it because the book had lots of ideas to choose from so pretty much everyone could find something they liked but we all made ours a bit different. Most of us made creepy creatures, and that is our own category we made up! Mine has one eyeball.



The only thing I like about it, is if you did it perfectly, the charms would look so cute. But it is impossible to do it perfectly. I did the mushroom. It is impossible to stick your finger in the red ball to make an indent to turn it into a mushroom top because the ball is so small. All the charms are soooo small that they are impossible to work with.



I like this craft kit because it makes cool things and it is cool to craft stuff out of clay. You can make lots of different charms. The book teaches you how to make them. I like that you can attach it to a charm bracelet and they give you a chain and the hooks for the charm. The milkshake was my favorite, but it was hard to make the thin straw for the milkshake. It is hard, but it so awesome!



I love this craft. The charms are really cute and it doesn't take that long to make them. The only bad part about it is that it takes a long time to soften the clay. I already made a few charms, but the pieces keeps on falling out of the charms.



All my friends who saw them thought that they were really cute. Even though I made enough for my charm bracelet, I would still make more for other stuff. They turn out adorable and are fun to make.



These charms are fun and easy to make. I have made almost each one in the book and put them on my charm bracelet. I even gave some to my friends. They look like the ones from the store.



I can't believe I can make charms. They are easy to make, sometimes I follow the directions and sometimes I make my own things. I wake up every day and can't wait to make something. I have made a bird, ice cream, donut and so many other things. I love the colours in the clay and when you bake them the colours still stay bright. I already used so much of the clay, I hope mom buys me more so I can make lots more.


Orietta M.

I am so impressed with this toy. Who needs Pandora when you can make your own charms. I am sure that many kids would rather wear what they made then what you buy them!! I can't believe my daughter 8 made them. They look so professionally done. She has a lot of patience to make them look beautiful. I spent time with her doing her first one and then she has gotten the craze to continue to create. I can't tell you the amount of time she spends to make sure the object she is creating is as perfect as she can get it. She has made so many and they are all beautiful. I can't decide which one is my favourite but the cute little duck she made was very unique!!

Jennifer F.

We had a few friends over to make these charms. F9 made a charm bracelet and M9, M9, M10 decided to make creatures to hang off their backpacks. They all enjoyed it, although the ones who made their own charms, using the booklet as inspiration (rather than step by step instructions) had the most fun. The boys especially liked the variety - dinosaurs, etc and all made very cool "creatures" that are hanging on their backpacks. It was the perfect length of time to complete a charm using different tools or techniques, and kept their attention all the way through. F9, although does similar crafts often, was a bit frustrated that she could not get her charms to look exactly like the pictures. But most of the kids loved it - and liked that there were things to make that didn't just seem "girly" and that they could use their imagination too.

Julie J.

The girls (8 and 9) definitely had a hard time getting the charms to turn out the way they look in the instruction booklet but once they decided to choose more basic designs they had more success. A fun kit with lots of different options for kids to create a personalized clay charm. The directions were very well laid out and the colours of clay offered a lot of variety.

Jennifer Y.

If your child is a perfectionist, they may be disappointed with the finished charm. The clay is hard to work with in such small amounts. Chloe (F7) was proud of her finished charms and enjoyed making them. Jack (M10), who is more of a perfectionist, became frustrated while making the charms and thought his finished products were 'stupid'. The charm designs are appeal to boys and girls. Chloe (F7) looked at the Klutz instruction book for over an hour before we even started making any of the charms. She liked looking at the cute pictures and picking which ones she would make. The box package part of the book was a bit tricky to open. Once I detached the box from the book it was easier. Perhaps that step could be included in the instructions. Jack (M10) and Chloe each decided to make a different charm. It was challenging to do 2 different ones at once because we had to keep flipping the pages back and forth to check if our clay balls were the correct size. Chloe had success with her milkshake charm. Though it was impossible to make a twisty red/white straw. The required size was just too small. She made a solid colour straw instead. Jack started in a good frame of mind, but became increasingly frustrated. He could not turn the ball into a mushroom cap by indenting with his finger as instructed - neither could I. The instructions are very clear - in words and pictures. It shows the actual size of the balls of clay of each colour needed for each part of the charm - very handy to have a template. Baking, glazing and glitter went easily and according to instructions. The finished product is reminiscent of the Charm It! products Chloe and her friends buy at Mastermind. Of course, the Charm It! charms are cute and ready to attach to your bracelet. Chloe is proud of her handiwork even though they aren't as professional as the pre-made charms.

Sylvie S.

This is the perfect craft for my 9 year old girl. The book gives step by step illustrations on making the charms, which turn out beautifully. Tiny, delicate, super cute glittery little charms that look amazing on the charm bracelet. Aliyah had no difficulty with this craft and enjoyed every minute of her charm making sessions. She absolutely loved making her little charms and adding them on her bracelet one by one. She took her time making the charms, following the instructions step by step and they turned out really well. She did each step by herself, even the baking, using our toaster oven. She is one proud girlie!

Rebecca Y.

The book of ideas is great and the charms come out quite well. The clay took some time to soften enough to make it pliable, and the charms sometimes fell apart, but overall this craft makes a great gift!

Iwona V.

My daughter enjoyed making her own charms, for herself and as gifts for her friends. She was very happy with how the charms came out. Long term play value.

Joyce S.

This craft turns out as good as the package looks. It's fun, easy to follow instructions and both my kids (14, 11) enjoyed doing it. Great all around craft.


Manufacturer Description

Design your own bracelet with itty-bitty glittery charms! As a follow-up to our beloved bestseller Make Clay Charms, this book comes with 35 new charm designs, new clay colors, and two packets of accent glitter to make your charms sparkle and shine. Starting with a few basic shapes and easy-to-mold clay, you can sculpt mini food, tiny aliens and robots, pocket-sized unicorns, and dozens of other cuties that you can customize with extra personality. Just pop your creations in the oven to set (with an adult's help, of course), use our special glaze to give them polish and add as much glitter as you want, then attach them to the included bracelet. Each project has clear instructions and a true-to-life sizing guide to help you craft your own glitter charms.

PRESS RELEASE: Design your own bracelet with itty-bitty sparkly charms! Sculpt miniature food, tiny aliens and robots, pocket-sized unicorns, and dozens of other cuties that you can customize with glitter for extra personality.

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