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Klutz Make Your Own Music Video


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $16.99

Production Status: In Stores

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I think that the book was very helpful and tought me a lot about green screen and making a music video.  The book came with a website with a link to a free video editor and free backgrounds that you can use to create you video, however, the book itself does not teach us how to use the editing program and the web site itself was not very clear on how to use chroma key either.  In the end, we did manage to make a video with the green screen and videos playing in the background. With some practice the progam will be a great tool and the books ideas on how to make a music video can be fun to use.



I was so excited to get this toy. I love to sing and dance. We tried to figure it out but we could not. I think the problem was that my mom did not know how to hook up the video camera to the computer. I was very sad. But I do like the green screen. We use it as a cape and run around the house.



It is not as good as I thought it would be.  It is complicated to get the backgrounds and put your video on the background. It tells you to download a program and kids won't know what that means. I found it very hard when you get to the site to download the program because the instructions are not very kid friendly. The green screen is really small and because of that you can't fit that many people in front of it and you can't do that many poses because then your arm or another part of your body goes outside the green screen.  Usually Klutz kits are awesome but this one was not like that.



When I first saw this kit, I thought that it would be really cool because I thought that we would be able to make music videos like the real pop stars are in. But when I opened it up, the green screen is not big enough to fit many people without the objects outside the screen showing.  You have to get really close or zoom in a lot, but then the picture always has to be close up.  You can only make music videos it would be nice if you would do pictures because then you would get a lot more use out of the kit. Overall, it is a cool kit and it is good to have fun with but they need to make the green screen a lot bigger.


Laurie T.


This book looked really cool.  I have daughters who love making videos of various things as well as love singing and creating plays.  I thought that this book would be perfect for them.  They were very excited to see it and spent some time looking through it and found the information great and very inspiring but putting the actions into play was harder.  They found the green screen very small.  I took some pictures of them in front of the green screen and due to the size of the screen, they had to be standing right beside each other with their bodies fairly straight and even then I had to zoom in so as not to get the background that was outside the screen. The backgrounds that you would put in then would look very small.  After taking pictures and trying to put a background behind them (which was fairly complicated to figure out, pretty certain that no child would be able to do it due mostly to the complication of the outside program that had to be downloaded from another site) we discovered that you could only put videos on to the backgrounds not still pictures.  Adding this feature in would have greatly increased the usability of the kit.  The way it is it would be used very infrequently if at all.

Jasmin S.


I have to say I am very sad that I could not figure out how to do this. I am a huge fan of Klutz and they have very high quality products. I think if this had been a plug and play type of software (like a cd) it would have been better. 

This is not a toy that I recommend. My children all got upset that we could not figure it out. I guess you have to be a bit more tech savy then me to do this.  

Sue A.


This book teaches the ins and outs of creating a music video from how to choose wardrobe, to lighting and camera angles.  These pointers are helpful for any type of video creation.  In Zak's case (M12) he was more interested in creating effects and working the green screen.  We had a little trouble with this part of the project.  The book comes with a green screen which is a cloth like sheet.  The screen itself is a good size.  Our biggest issue was lighting, we could not manage to get the lighting even enough to have the screen look the same everywhere, the result was a very patchy video, but with more effort, maybe filming in daylight, we can certainly improve on this.  The editing software is on a seperate site.  Some aspects of the site worked very well and were very easy to use, however, being new to film editing, I could have used a little more instructions then the help video on the site.  There were no instructions on how to edit green screen (I didn't even know it was called Chroma key until I did some web research) on either the site or in the book.   We did manage in the end to make it work and that part was fun. 


Sorry I can't figure it out.  I was able to access my webcam and tape a 7 sec shot of me and the greenscreen,   I tried the Cut feature and all it does is shorten the vedeo lenght.  it does't affect the video changing the background . 


Manufacturer Description

Whether you lip-sync or play your own tunes, you can create an awesome video starring your awesome self. Learn how to develop storyboards. Add drama with special angles and clever camera tricks. Deliver blockbuster special effects on a weekly allowance budget. Film yourself in front of the included green screen and use the free downloadable video-editing software to swap out the green background for any background you like — including our 25 downloadable backgrounds. All you need is a basic video camera, a computer, and a dream.

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  • FREE video editing software