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Klutz My Super Sweet Scented Sketchbook


Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $22.99

MSRP (USD): $18.99

Production Status: In Stores

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You can color in it and it's nice to see all the pictures and fun things to do. I like that there's a lot of activities in it. When they go hedgehog plus ice cream is hedgehog ice cream sundae.



I enjoy using this craft booklet with the fun activities and things to colour. It is fun having scented markers.and I like being able to take it places with me easily, like in the car or at ballet between classes. It is a good craft booklet for a girl like me who loves art.



It teaches me how to draw things with faces. Everything I draw is happy. There are a lot of different colours and fun pictures. and the pens have ears and faces and are really cute. The pens smell delicious. I like this book because it taught me how to draw really, really cute stuff. I can draw cute ice creams all the time because it taught me in this book. I also like that it teaches how to make all your drawings way cuter. But sometimes there are weird pictures of food I don't like.



The book gave me ideas of things to draw since I like drawing cute things. I liked the cute faces on the markers but I wish there were more then 4 colors for the markers. The steps for drawing different food or animals were easy to follow. The animals were really cute. We drew a few pages with lots of animals on it. It was fun drawing the animals. I also made a whole page of cute food. The trees and nature scenes were fun, too. This is a good book for people that like drawing cute things. I like small toys like animals and food and this helps me to draw them.


Sandra W.

There was initial high interest from F6 to use this attractive sketchbook. She loves drawing and liked using the small colorful markers that came with it. It kept her independently busy for a long time, doing the drawing activities in the book. It was a very attractive journal that came with 4 scented markers and a black one. The instructions were simple enough for F6 to follow for drawing or doodling. There are lots of pages that occupied her time. Some of the drawings reminded F6 of Shopkins which she is obsessed about. Appropriate for recommended age and would appeal to even older kids. Her 8 year old sister was very interested in the journal and would have been happy to have one for herself. Makes a great gift for any girl who likes to draw.

Ruth B.

This is a neat little book, with interesting activities and lots of fun things to do in it. Nice and compact; perfect for travel, and no dwindling of interest; this is used regularly by my daughter (8). It is nice how the booklet is complete, with markers and a way to contain them nicely and it is neat that they are scented, but not over powering.

Susan C.

My kids (F6 & M8) continued to use this 60-page sketch book as reference throughout testing. The book offers a lot of variety and opportunity for them to grow as artists and move on to develop skills after the book. The skill level of 6+ is perfect. Both my 6 and 8 year olds loved it equally. Hardy thick paper, easy to turn. The colours don't bleed through. Print quality is high and the binding makes it easy to turn the pages back and forth or lay flat when drawing. My son (8) is expanding his drawing skills to including cute sweet details that are very popular with kids these days. Each page offers different illustrations and instructions. The markers smell delicious living up to its name as a super sweet scented sketchbook! The instructions are kid friendly and directed clearly at the kids who are using the book. Most of the items to draw are simple shapes and it is teaching him how to add different elements to change the way they look. The marker section is attached to the book creating quick and easy storage. The book has ring bounding and is able to open and lie flat which helps with drawing inside the book. The pages are thick and mate finish. It is made to last a lot of play of opening and closing. The colour itself seems water proof which is always appreciate since no matter what, they seem to put things down on to something wet! A bit expensive. I would buy this on sale or with a discount. If it was a special gift than I would pay full price. Especially with the cute pens.

Allison M.

My daughter (7) loves drawing cute food and animals and this book was full of great instructions and ideas for drawing. She enjoyed a number of the different pages in the book and loved making her own drawings based on the instructions in the book. She made quite a few different pictures using food, animals or background suggestions from the book. Since we've had it, it's been her go-to book for ideas to draw animals. She loved the cute markers too including the faces on them and that they were scented. She did wish there were more then 4 colors as that is a bit limiting. Overall - I think this was a wonderful book to have if you have a kid that likes drawing cute things. Even though we have had this book for a few months - my daughter keeps coming back to it for doing things in the book or for ideas to put into her drawings. The staying power of this book has been good.


Manufacturer Description

Sketch & Sniff the World's Most Adorable Art! Learn to draw delightful doodles with scented markers! Step-by-step instructions teach readers how to draw sweet snacks, cute critters, and much more. Practice your doodling skills right inside the book, and then color in your masterpieces with 4 fruity scented markers to make your art smell super sweet!


  • 62-page book of instruction and inspiration

  • 4 scented markers

  • 1 black mini marker