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Klutz Nail Art 2015


Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $23.99

MSRP (USD): $21.99

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While the included lead-free peel=off nail polish is no doubt safer for kids,all testing familiesagreed that its a poor choice when creating these fabulous designs, which you'll want to last for awhile at least. But the special tool and book of designs was a definiet hit with all testers.




I like that the book shows you what to make and it gives you pictures and tells you how. It comes with lots of colours and a small brush for details. The only thing that I didn't like was that you could make some really cool designs and the nail polish peels off so easily. Some of the designs are hard to do and my Mom had to help.



Look at my toes & nails! Aren't they pretty?



There are sooooo many designs to choose from, I want a different one on each finger and toe! The details are difficult for me to do cause they're so small, but I like watching others paint them. I wish the polish would stay on longer, it all went away in the pool.



I love having my nail done up. I really like the tools that came with it - the nail polish not so much, it takes forever to dry. The book has great idea and I just use my own nail polish to make what I want. The illustrations are well done.


Cathy M.

The book is awesome. Lots of nail designs that are easy to recreate for adults. My daughter (6) was not able to recreate the designs on her nails herself, I think because her nails are so small, but she was able to do the chick on her dad's big toe! The reason this is getting an 8 instead of a 10 is because the polish peels off easily. It takes a lot of work to create beautiful designs, and then it either peels or washes away within the same day, so it is disappointing to the child, and a bit frustrating for the parent who spent a lot of time doing them up. That being said, we have used our own polish to do the designs so that they stay on longer (to show off at school is what I am told!!).

Kim M.

Overall, another great craft by Klutz - a great do it yourself nail salon. Klutz provides colourful step by step pictures and written instructions on how to create many different nail designs. Some designs are simple and can easily be done independently and some require a more steady hand of an adult. I like how they show different techniques. Both a positive and negative is that the polish peels off so easily - making nail polish remover not needed but vanishing their designs too easily.

Carolyn R.

My daughters, 5 & 7, thoroughly enjoyed having their nails designed with this book as a guidelines. It was fun doing their nails but the efforts were shortlived as the fingernails were mostly peeled off the first day from a parent perspective. The toe nails held up much better. I paint my daughters nail periodically 1-2 x a month so this a great resource for new ideas. Initially my daughters loved it but interested decreased after first few weeks. Long term appeal is likely not consistent but would probably be periodically every few months for new ideas. Overall, a neat nail painting resource but my daughters & I only used for a month long window. Also the peel off nail polish was a bit of a drawback for us as it came off so quickly after a lot of hard work. Sealing with a clear coat of regular polish helped it last longer. The book and nail polish/brush was very neat and packaging was minimal. This was an activity that Mom did with daughters to get the detail on the nails.I don't think F5 and F7 could do them on each other at this point. Better suited for an older child. The book is well made to withstand a lot of looking at. Bottles of polish and brush are average quality. No safety concerns with this product. There is no strong odour with the polish.

Julie J.

The first round of nail design caused our 7 year old to wake up in tears when most of the polish was gone the next day. Probably a mistake on our part to not let her know that the nailpolish was "peel off" before we started. Tears quickly cleared up and she has hosted a nail salon daily in our garage, painting the nails of all of the kids in the neighbourhood different patterns. Only big issue I have noticed is many of the patterns are too complex to fit on tiny nails and would be more suitable for adult sized nails, other than that our 7 year old LOVES it! Unfortunately this is not washable off of clothes. It is easily peeled off fingers but Mia (7) got a bit on her shirt and it doesn't wash out.

Marie-Lise H.

Since Mia (F12) has this kit, I don't remember the last time her nails were plain normal color. They have been anything and everything under the rainbow. Mia loves having her nails done, she likes to have her nails match her outfits. The nail polish is peel away and did not appeal to her at all because it would smudge and she wants it to last a few days, but the tool and the book are great.


Manufacturer Description

We just couldn't resist giving this Klutz classic a little polish . . . Nail Art is getting a fresh look with all- new photography, layout, and design - plus new polish colors, an exclusive fine-tipped detail brush, and gorgeous new designs.

This time-tested favorite is a fully-photographic instruction book packed with tips, techniques, and over 35 designs to paint on fingernails (and toenails, too). With 6 colors of water-based, non- toxic, peel-off nail paints, you can try every design idea on (and off - and on - and off) with no nail polish remover required.

From apples to zigzags, there's something here to please even the most finicky fingertips!

Year Introduced



  • A 56-page book of instruction and inspiration with 35+ designs


  • Open-ended creativity