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Klutz Nail Style Studio: Simple Steps to Painting 25 Stunning Designs


Age: 10 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $26.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

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The instructions are really good. They were very detailed and easy to follow. I succeeded in doing all the projects on my sister Mia's (8) nails. I really love Klutz activity. The new tool is really really good to do details - way better than toothpicks which just made a blob. I would buy this for all my friends so I could do my nails when I visit them.



I like how this set gave you a lot of ideas and designs for what you could do on your nails. The set came with a lot of colours to choose from. The line stencils worked well. The tool was pretty neat to use to make fine lines. The only problem I had was that the nailpolish came off within a few days.



I enjoyed doing this with friends and family. The dotter helped out a lot doing all the dots. The stickers did not work very well becuase we did two codes and it is way to sticky.



This is a great toy! So far my sister has done 7 designs on me. I want to do them all. I wish the polish would stay on longer but it is only for practice. I have to ask my mom for some really stuff so the designs stay on longer. I tried to paint my sister's nails but some of the picture ones were hard for me to do. The dots were easier.



This was a cool book. It had tons of ideas in it for nail styles. I did most of the designs on my sister. I love all the colours that came with the kit. Too bad the polish was just practise polish and it washed off to quickly.



OMG I can't believe I finally have the tool to make designs, yeah!! I don't have to use toothpicks anymore. It is not as easy to make designs as I thought... I am very good at making dots, but everything else kinda gets messed up. I like that the nail polish comes off by itself, I don't have to use nail polish remover, it just peals off, so that way I can practice some more.


Sylvie O.

This is by far the best nail kit the girls (8 & 13) have had - and they have had many nail kits - and a great improvement from the previous Klutz nail art which we had tried a few years ago. No longer required to use toothpicks which made a mess of everything. The new tools allows the designs to be more precise. They even would take this out up to three times per day. How often do girls need changing of nail polish? Apparently often! Although the nail polish came off easily, they preferred it this way so they could try new designs. The small bottles are great for learning, and the nail polish peels off easily. I think it is great because once they learn the design, they use the real nail polish and get to show off the design a little longer. I like the compactness of everything. the design tool is very durable and well made and easy to hold. It works really well, in fact better than any other tools they have used before. I find the book inspires creativity, especially with a better design tool that is easy to clean. The girls were more creative with colour and design with this kit than any other kit. In fact, they are almost daily and more than once daily using the nail kit.

Marie-Lise H.

I don't like having painted nails so this is perfect for me - my daughter can practice on me as much as she wants. The idea book has so many great ideas, and the instructions are well done, but unfortunatly even good instructions do not make me able to create the picture of a shark on my nail (my daughter, 10, laughed at my finished product saying that it looks like a melting snowman). The nail polish really does peal off, so there is no fuss, and no mess to clean up. Mia (F10) started with the removable nail polish and when she had more confidence she used real nail polish. Love the ideas in the book, the stencils didn't work as well, they tended to be crooked but that didn't bother Mia too much.

Liz H.


This is another fantastic set by Klutz! My daughter (10 yrs.) has used it several times over the last few weeks, on her own and with friends (F8, f12). All that is required is nail polish for the base coats. The set comes with a wide variety of nail colours to choose from and a handy tool to make fine lines and designs. My daughter did find that the stencils didn't work all that well, as they didn't seem to hold in place. The book has great ideas and clear explanations. The instructions are easy for tweens to follow and the photos are a real bonus.

Geraldine D.


My friend goes to the salon to get her nails done and pays a fortune. I bet she never had her grand-daughter give her a manicure and do her nails. She can keep her professional look, I much prefer my nails.

Jennifer K.

The book of nail ideas has lots of fun and interesting designs that Brooklyn (10) was able to complete with ease, by following the step by step instructions. She enjoyed creating designs with her cousin, also 10. The stick was helpful to create dots. However, they found that the practice nail Polish ran together and did not work very well.

Julianne B.

The kit was well put together, the box was sturdy and stayed together. The book in very colourful and inviting to look at, I found myself looking through it a lot too. It had a great selection of colours (6) and a tool with two ends for the fine detail work. Both my kids (7 & 11) were a bit disappointed that the polish was only temporary polish, but for young kids it is a good idea, as many people don't like their kids using nail polish - and it allows the parent to choose what kind of permanent polish they will let their kids use. There was a good choise of designs. I'm not really into this type of manicure, but both my kids (F11, F7) loved it. You do need good hand eye coordination to do some of the more instricate designs so the 10+ rating is a good one - my younger daughter (7) loved this kit, but needed me or her sister (11) to do the designs.


Manufacturer Description

Make every manicure a masterpiece with this complete nail art tool kit. A book of step-by-step instruction walks you through 25 irresistibly stylish designs, ehich you can practice and perfect with our special peel-off polish. The salon-style design tool and stick-on stencils make even the most intricate-looking designs totall achievable.

PRESS RELEASE: Make every manicure a masterpiece. When we first published Nail Art, painting tiny designs on your fingernails was an only-from-Klutz kind of thing and strictly for young girls (ages 6-9). So we created a book of simple, cute designs, along with peel-off polish in a palette of sweet colors. Flash forward 16 years. Fashionistas of all ages are flaunting ever more elaborate and quirky nail designs. Our original book has 2 million copies in print and is still going strong. And now Nail Art's got a stylish big sister.

Nail Style Studio is a step-by-step tool kit that lets girls ages 10 and up create 25 super-cute, slightly sophisticated, tween-approved looks: polka-dot chevrons, big-eyed owls, a tropical beach, delectable cupcakes, a city skyline, and more. Our exclusive palette of practice polish lets any girl try a design, peel it off, and try it again. When you're ready to make a look last, just do the design with your own drugstore polish in any colors you like.

Though the designs look impressively intricate, our included secret weapons make them practically foolproof: A two-sided custom dotting tool makes tiny, perfect dots, and stick-on stencils define crisp, geometric shapes. The results are stunning. Looks like we nailed it... again.

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  • Over 250 stick-on stencils