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Klutz Pom Pom Kitties


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Early Feedback

Includes the same handy Wrap and Snap Pom-Pom maker featured in Klutz's earlier Pom-Pom Puppies (2013) and Monster Salon (2011) books. Designed so that it splits in two halves, and being made of thick and sturdy plastic, the Wrap and Snap is a lot more durable, and easier to use than a traditional cardboard circle. And making the pom-poms is just the start. Turning those wooly balls into cute little kittens is where the real creativity happens.




I liked making the pompom kitties, I wish we had better scissors. I liked choosing what cat to make and I like combing their hair. I didn`t like running out of yarn. My friend Yvette helped me make the pompoms. It was fun to have help.



I love fluffy cats and I was very excited to make these kitties.It was harder than I thought it would be. I tried by myself first but needed to ask for help to get started. Too many directions- pictures might be easier for the steps. The kit shows lots of kitties but comes with yarn to make only 3. I like all the ears and collars too. It's hard to make them like the picture, they look not as good.



It's very cute and it's fun to make extra fluff because I like fluff. You can select different colors of yarn and different colors of eyes. But you have to do it with a parent and it takes a long time, and you need a lot of patience. You can make 5 instead of 3 because on the page it says you can only take 3 cats home. I'd want to add another color of yarn, which would be dark brown. I would like another color of eyes, which would be orange.


Nancy C.

Initially my son really liked the craft but once he ran out of yarn and we didn`t have any extra yarn in the house, he lost interest and never went back to the craft. He ended up making two cats which he enjoyed. He had fun making the pom poms and gluing eyes and ears. He had trouble cutting(I have to get better scissors!) and needed an adult`s help. The most dissappointing thing for my child was running out of yarn. The quality of the yarn is quite cheap as well, very nylon.

Lisa G.

This kitty making kit is cute and fluffy and our 9 year old was super motivated to complete. She wasn't super impressed with her end product compared to the picture but she enjoyed the activity none the less. It kept her hands busy doing something productive and learning from each step. She needed help at first (understanding the directions), but now I think she could make them on her own after buying more yarn. Gluing was delicate and I think buying some stronger glue would be worth it. the measurement of the size of ball and how much yarn to make a certain circumference was a bit tricky. It kept her busy both times we have sat to tackle it, although I was frustrated with was having to take the hour to walk her through the directions to help her figure it out the first time - but it was nice to sit with her. The quality of the yarn was good and thick- I think this might make the kitties fluffier, but I wish it came with more yarn.

Sandra W.

F8 was initially very excited to make the kitties, but she had so much trouble making the first one on her own, aspects like: tying the knot tight enough, cutting through the wrapped yarn, trimming the yarn to shape the ball. Her finished product did not look very good. She was very frustrated and did not want to try it again for awhile. She agreed to try it again with my help and I could see why it was so difficult for her to do by herself. Once completed with my help. It looked more similar to the one in the book, although not completely like it either, but she was very proud to show it off and play with it, and was eager to make more (but with parental help). I found the amount of help she needed tedious, so feel this kit would be better suited for kids aged 9+ or maybe even 10. F8 has been fairly gentle with the completed kittens and they have not broken. Can only make 3 kittens with the supplies provided.


Manufacturer Description

Make Your Own Cute Cats! Looking for the purr-fect pet? A follow-up to Klutz's Pom-Pom Puppies, this kit is made especially for cat lovers everywhere. Choose from 7 types of cats to make 3 of your very own feline friends. Use simple color charts to wrap yarn on our exclusive pom-pom maker to make each kitty's head and body. Then, adorn them with captivating cat eyes and custom punch-out collars and tags to complete your litter of paw-sitively awesome kitties. We promise you'll be smitten for your kittens.


  • 52 page book of instructions and inspiration

  • 60 yds (55 m) yarn in 4 colors

  • 1 pom-pom maker

  • 4 pipe cleaners

  • 6 mini pom-poms

  • 3 micro pom-poms

  • 3 mini pom-pom noses

  • 3 pairs of plastic cat eyes

  • 1 styling comb

  • Glue

  • 1 page of punch-out ears, collars, and more