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Klutz Pom-Pom Monster Salon Create, Cut & Style Your Own Monster


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $18.99

MSRP (USD): $16.99

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There's two particularly excellent things about this Klutz craft: the red plastic Wrap and Snap Pom Pom Maker, and the cool ideas and techniques for making each and every one of you monsters unique. 

Designed so that it splits in two halves, and being made of thick and sturdy plastic, the Wrap and Snap is a lot more durable, and easier to use for pom-pom making than a traditional cardboard circle. For the most part, our testers had no problems. And making the pom-pom was just the start. Salon time was  the really crative part of this activity. The book shows you how to tie pig tails, cut bangs, and use the comb to fluff up your moster's hair. And to add the final touches, the book includes a good selection of colourful cut-out accessories. 

While it's best to start with the basics, the book also has instructions to make more complicated mulit-coloured pom-poms so you can create monsters with mohawks, bushy eyebrows and even extra tall beehive doos.  




I love doing this activity. It is fun, easy and easy to pack up. I thought the glue would not sick but it was really good. I thought it was fun to name mine so I named mine Bob and Rocky. This craft is awesome.



At first, I got so frustrated because all the string kept falling out, but when my mother helped she got it to work perfectly. It uses a ton of string but it was great!



I thought it was a really cool craft to do. I like how you get to create your own monster. It was easy for me.  I think it should be for kids 7 and up.  The  only part that was difficult that I needed help with is making the 'x' (when first wrapping the yarn).



What a great idea!  I have tried making pompoms before but is wasn't easy making.  The half moon tool you use to loop the yarn over is much much easier!  It is a little hard to cut so much yarn after so you need good scissors.  I really like all the ideas to make different monsters, and their names are really cute and funny.  The accessories in the back that makes the feet and ears and stuff really makes the little monsters pop out more!



I liked that I could make really individual little pompom characters. they where so cute. the accessories where great, I had so many to chose from. I liked the colors of the yarn, and that now that we have used up the yarn we can get some more and keep making pompom families.


Stacey F.


My kids really enjoyed making and playing with their monsters. My 4 year old had no trouble wrapping the yarn, and my 7 year old was also able to help measure the yarn and wrap it without difficulty. However, they both needed help getting started with the wrapping and I needed to do the cutting and tying for them. Unfortunately we have misplaced one essential piece for the wrapping part which makes the craft near impossible to do. The parts were also difficult to use as they did not "snap" together, but had to be held together while wrapping the yarn. Of course, after a few wraps it stayed together without having to be held.

Rebecca Y.


My daughter (F10) tried this on her own and needed my help to get it strung properly. It looked cute, but since she couldn't do it on her own, it lost it's appeal fairly quickly.

Marie-Lise H.


Cute craft.  The girls really enjoyed making the pompom characters.  Lots of idea and even when we run out of their yarn any type can be used and the ideas in the book can be kept as a reference .  We had tried making pompoms before but it was hard cutting the circle and using their red half circle really is a time saver, it's easy to find the place to cut  and much faster also.

Jennifer K.


Brooklyn, Age 8, has really enjoyed the creativity of this activity. She created monsters and gave them names and personalities through her decorations. She had no difficulty completing this activity on her own.


Manufacturer Description

With Pom Pom Monster Salon, anyone can make pom-poms and turn them into stylish monsters. Use our exclusive pom-pom maker, follow our cutting and styling instructions to create a perfectly coifed mop tops, afros, pigtails and mohwaks to name a few. Add tiny hair bows, punch-out feet and foam horns and teeth for the final touches!

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