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Klutz Pom-Pom Puppies


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $21.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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This kit uses the same pom-pom making technique featured in Klutz's earlier Monster Salon book (2011), and even includes the same handy Wrap and Snap Pom-Pom maker. Designed so that it splits in two halves, and being made of thick and sturdy plastic, the Wrap and Snap is a lot more durable, and easier to use than a traditional cardboard circle. For the most part, our testers had no problems. And making the pom-pom was just the start. Turning those wooly balls into a puppy is where the real creativity happens. What's your favourite breed - chihuahua, pomeranian, pug, beagle, Scottie, border collie, yorkie.... There are detailed guidelines to make them all - and others, too. But note that with only enough yarn supplied to make four dogs, you'll need to buy more to complete this litter of pups.




The puppies turned out really cute and they were easy and fun to make. The instructions were very good and it was pretty easy to do. The first dog took the longest, and I had a hard time putting the nose on. It needed a lot of glue, and took time to really dry. The accessories that they give worked out well and the dogs look cute together.



We made a whole litter of different puppies. My favourite one is the Chihuahua. My granpa has a Chihuahua so I made this one for him:-) The Pomeranian is white and fluffy, I have to re-glue his nose several times as it keeps on falling off. Making the puppies was a lot of fun, it was so easy after my mum helped me with the first one. I have decorated the puppies with my other jewels and bows,. They all look amazing. I hope to get another box of those but CATS! Best toy ever!



I had to get my mom to do most of the work, it was too hard for me to put together.



This craft got me by surprise! I didn't expect it to be good, but it was. The dogs that I made came out really cute! It takes about 45 minutes to make one dog, and it comes out exactly how it looks on the box! It was very easy to make and the instructions were really clear. Gluing on the eyes, nose and ears was really hard, though, because you're trying to glue onto fluff.



I love my pompom dogs. They are all lined up on my dresser drawer. They look so cute. Everyone loves them. They were easy to make. Now I have to wait for mom to buy more yarn so I can make more. At first, I needed my mom to help me with the cutting - we didn't understand if we were shaving the pom pom right. But I knew we were, when I saw how cute they looked when they were finished.


Marta W.


Another winner from Klutz. I loved this toy myself. Maybe I am partial to this company because every time we pick some arts and crafts piece made by them we have fabulous time with it. Well design, easy to follow illustrated instructions, friendly materials and the puppies actually come out the way they look on the box! My daughter really wants something similar but with cats this time. Thanks for letting me test this great toy.

Rebecca Y.


Matana (F12) has enjoyed making the pompom puppies. The ideas are really cute, the instructions very clear and the results adorable! Another Klutz winner!

Joyce S.


There is really a lot more to this craft than you would think. My daughter (12), really enjoyed making the puppies and working on the little aspects that make them so cute. The booklet of instructions is good and the outcome is great.

Orietta M.


I woke up one morning and there was my daughet 8 plucking away creating another pompom. it was so cute. she was following the book to figure out how to make the next little doggie. She was so excited to make the white one specifically. I was quite impressed with her fine motor skills and her recollection of how to build the doggie. This is such a simple and basic toy that brings so much excitement to my daughter.

Julie J.


An exercise in complete frustration, mostly for me because the craft was too complicated for our 7 year old to complete without a great deal of help.


Manufacturer Description

Turn plain yarn into perfectly precious pups

There's nothing more lovable than a fluffy ittle puppy. Unless, possibly, it's a fluffy little puppy that you made your very own self. Introducing Pom-Pom Puppies,the world's only set of supplies and instructions for creating cuddly canine fuzzballs out of regular old yarn.

Using our amazing custom pom-pom tool, young crafters can wrap, snap, and snip their way to perfect pom-poms every time. But that's just the beginning. Kids will then follow the step-by-step instructions to clip their pom-poms into shaggy-pup shape, glue the head and body together, and add felt ears, plastic eyes, and a foam nose. For the finishing touch, crafters use the included comb to groom the soft frizzy fur so every pom-pom puppy can win Best in Show.

Detailed directions guide dog-fanciers in creating all kinds of breeds — from beagles to Yorkies. Beyond that, simple guidelines make it easy to create any dog you can dream up — even a palm-sized version of the family mutt. Cardstock punch-outs provide all the extras every well-equipped dog requires, from tags to collars to carrying cases. It's everything you need to make a new best friend.

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