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Klutz Shrink & Link Jewelry


Age: 10 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $21.99

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This craft is a lot of fun! It is easy to make, and they turn out really cute! I don't think I would wear it as jewellery, but I would use them as key chains. It's real cool how you can make parts of them move!



am not giving it a 10 becauses it didn't come with a hole punch and there are not enough sheets, only 4. I like to draw so using the templates was easy, I even changed a few of the designs. Ilike this craft, it actually really cool. The other ones were pre-drawn so you could really be creative, but with a blank sheet I can do what I want, make the tail on the racoon longer, or twirl the ends of the lady bug's wings



This is an amazing toy. I love this craft. I spent hours making great charms. I love how to do it and watching it shrink in the oven. (I need mom's help for that). I am very patient with my projects but I could never see my brother do this kind of art because he doesn't have the patience and creativity like I do. This is definitely an art activity for girls who like to create and work with clay. very neat.. I guess it is like pottery but a little bit smaller.



They have really cute shapes for the jewellery and some of it I would actually wear. It's easy to trace the shapes and colour it and bake it. I did it while we were on a long car ride and it kept me busy the whole way!



can't believe I worked so hard to make my drawing perfect to then have it shrunk to a miniature little size! I forgot how small they would get. I made a sweet little racoon. at first I would have liked it the picutres were pre drawn, but now I am kinds proud that I drew it, colored it then shrank it. Now the hard thing is to choose another design!


Orietta M.


I can not tell you the amount of hours my daughter 10 put into making beautiful charms for bracelets. She spent endless hours creating special pieces. She is very involved with this toy and is very particular about it. She loved doing it so much. There was ample amount of clay and colours that interested her. The designs and instructions where easy for her to follow. I love to see how kids can emerse themselves in an activity and then realize that they don't need the computer to entertain them. Great for imagination and fine motor skills>

Joyce S.


Really easy and fun craft. As usual, a lot of great ideas in the book and easy to trace. I like the colours when we used markers rather than pencil crayons but both worked well. It actually takes a fair bit of time to trace and colour which is great.

Marie-Lise H.


My daughters ( 12 & 15 ) had a great time with this craft. Mia ( 12 ) liked to trace the pictures in the book while Genevieve ( 15 ) went free style a bit more. We used markers and the colour were very vibrant after they were cooked. Our biggest problem ws to find a hole puncher.


Manufacturer Description

Take Shrink Art way beyond flat plastic! Make mix-and-match shrink art jewelry with over 50 traceable designs. Includes step-by-step directios and materials for making one-of--kind necklces and rings, designed by you. Swap out the pieces to wear a new look every day. 

With more than 2 million Shrink Art Jewelry and Shrinky Dinks books in print, we at Klutz are pretty much shrink plastic experts. But when it's as easy as tracing, cutting, and baking . . . you can become a shrink art expert too! Even if you're totally new to this whole shrink art thing, our step-by-step instructions will have your friends admiring your "did-you-really-make-that?!" jewelry in no time.

What’s really exciting about this new book is that it’s not just shrink art. Really, it’s more like shrink-art-meets-charm jewelry. And we know that charms are so hot right now (hello, Clay Charms!). This is the only book out there that lets you make reusable, transferable, dimensional pendants and attach them to a ring or a necklace. With Shrink & Link Jewelry, you can create brilliant shrink art charms from over 50 traceable designs - and then mix and match them for a limitless wardrobe of unique, colorful jewelry!

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  • 8 plastic S-hooks