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Klutz String Art: Turn string and pins into works of art


Age: 10 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $21.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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Includes instructions for 20+ projects, and enough supplies to get started by making six of them. By then, kids will have learned the basic techniques to turn almost any image into a string art project. Supplies in the kit are easily supplemented to create more projects - all you need is some corrugated cardboard, origami or wrapping paper, beading pins and craft string. We particularly love the special pin-pushing tool included in this kit - it's a great help both to avoid sore fingers, as well as, to give projects a polished look by using the hollowed out chamber to ensure that all pins are pushed in at the same height. This is defintely a project for older, experienced crafters, not just because the pins can prick skin, but also becuase the technique is a little tricky. It requires a steady hand to tie the strings to the pins. Kids also need good concentration and finger control to keep a steady tension when wrapping the string around the pins, as well as, enough patience to accept that the string will likely slip off the pins - more than once - and need to be re-looped around the pins. But this is a great introduction to a classic crafting hobby, and our testers were very happy with their results and eager to do more porjects.




This was the best craft for me. I have never done this kind of art before. I never realized this was art. It took a long time for me to finish a picture and then wow it looked cool!! Amazing what you can do with string and some wrapping around a board. I was able to follow directions from the book. I don't think I could do it without it.



String Art is a very good idea, and really cool. It pops up, so it stands out better and it looks like it has a "platform"/background. The pin tool is really helpful and smart. If my fingers start to hurt then I use the indent on the tool, and to make them all the same height, I use the end. That part is also good for pushing the pins into a straighter position. The string sometimes comes undone, but you just wrap it around again. My friend and I made butterflies, and they were very pretty. And, I made a butterfly and an owl. The finished product of the string art is so cute! It gives a good amount of string, and they're pretty colours. It's fun to make, but can be annoying, if the string sometimes pops off, and you have to re-wrap it around the pins. When I made my owl, one of the pins tilted, but the string stayed on still. The only problem was that I still needed the pin for another part, so I stuck a different pin in next to it and it worked out fine. The instructions are pretty good, and include a lot of pretty pictures of the end result, but for some things they need to say more explicitly. For example: when it's a project for a small board, I think they should remind you to take a small board, a small piece of tracing paper and a small background paper. For my first project I didn't realize that there were two different sized tracing papers, so I used a big one, and didn't realize until it was to late. It still worked out, though. also, at the beginning of each project it just says to trace the picture, wrap the board, and insert the pins. It might just be me, but to me when it says wrap the board and insert the pins it means to put the tracing paper on the board and to start putting pins in, so I forgot to put the background on and had to take out the pins and start again. It gives enough supplies to make a lot, and I like that you could probably make your own design (ex: your name). The projects turn out really cute and they're fun to do.



This craft is so cool! I already made three and they came out so well! There are really cool things to trace but you should be able to make more. The colours are pretty. The pin pusher also works really well. This craft is easy to make and turns out really well.



I love my little owl! I could not have figured out how to create it without my sister's (14) help, I found the instructions hard to read. I like twisting the rope on the needles, it looks so difficult and complicated but really it's not!



I only make 1 picture, a gun and I didn't really finished it, the best part for me was pushing the needles into the cardboard, that doesn't get old, I didn't really like using the strings. My sister ( F 14 ) didn't like that I used up one of her boards, but all she needs to do is pull out the pins and flip the board around to make another picture.



I enjoyed making my owl, it was a little tricky at first to have the string stay on the pins but after a few false starts it wasn't a problem. I enjoy being crafty and it made me think of what else I could do.


Orietta M.


This was a cool activity because this is something like what I use to do when I was a kid but we didn't have colourful and premade board. We use to have to build the board with nails. I like the pictures you can make with the board. I like that the colourful yarns were all in the package and that there were lots of examples that kids could chose to make. My daughter managed to make the owl. I felt it was intrict and took lots of time to make. Very good at following instructions and she enjoyed making it. Very proud to show her art.

Marie-Lise H.

Nice activity kit and a great introduction to a new craft. My girls (11 & 15) found the instructions well written and within a few minutes they were up and crafting. They separated the supplies, there was enough that they could each do 3 crafts. Sebastien (M12) decided he would get involved, he bypassed all the instructions and made his own design. There was enough supplies for everyone to finish their design and the instruction book is well made.

Rebecca Y.

Matana (F13) made a few really pretty things with the string art. The instructions were good and the project quite easy. The tools that it comes with are really useful. I hope they sell refills for them!

Joyce S.

The pictures are cute, the colours of the string and paper are pretty and the instructions are good. Overall, the girls, 13, 16 had a lot of fun creating their string art pictures. I like that they can make 6 different pictures so they can have a friend over and do it together. My daughter (12) and her friend made the butterfly. The pin pusher is really necessary as it makes inserting the pins a ton easier. You do need to concentrate to wrap the string to make sure it doesn't come off but the booklet is very well done, and the end result is really pretty.


Manufacturer Description

String Art was originally invented to make math concepts more accessible to kids, but it isn’t just for squares (or triangles or circles) any more.  With our crystal-clear, step-by-step illustrated system you only need to learn three simple techniques to make all the kids art in this book, including a fun fox, a darling dandelion, a cute cat, an awesome owl — you can even spell your name.

The final results may look intricate, but we include an only-from-Klutz pin-pushing tool so even a string-art newbie can create awesome art with this classic craft. And our pin-pusher solves string art's prickliest problems by making sure that every pin goes in straight and at the same height. With instructions for 20 projects and enough materials for six, kids will be making amazing art in no time.

Year Introduced



  • 8 sheets of tracing paper (3 large, 5 smaller)


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