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Klutz The Hand Book


Age: 8 years and up

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The hand was very hard to put together but in the end it was really fun to play with.  I made different hand signs with it and was able to make a claw and scratch my back with it (even before the book suggested it!)  The book has some interesting facts and neat activities that you could do that helped to understand the importance of your hands.



Putting the hand together is challenging but fun.  The hand is really cool but it doesn't really scare anybody.  I like the book because even when it's teaching you about hands it's still very fun and there are a lot of things to do too.



This is really cool book  It is neat that there is a book about the hand.  Not many people think much about their hands but really this book tells you how important your hands really are.  I learned some really neat things like the how the bones in your hands and feet are more than half of the bones in your whole body and the importance of your thumb, without it like would be much harder.  The skeleton hand model helps to understand a lot of things that the book talks about.  



This book was really cool. My friends and i learnedt alot from this book. The only concern i had was that the model would come apart easily. But other than that it was pretty cool.



I really like how the hand can be moved, and we see the bones how it works in our hands too. I read a bit in the book and it's cool to see how the animals have hands too and that a turtle has fingers that look like ours, or that the fin of a dolphin was a hand too, I never would have thought of that. we could not place the base of the hand in the holder and a piece broke off, we can still use the holder but I like using the hand to give directions, or scaring someone by folding the fingers and placing it on their shoulder. That is so funny. I had never given much thought to my hand before.



When I first saw the book, I thought...FUN!!! Also I kind of found it a bit hard because the some of the hand parts were hard to assemble. I liked that you can learn a lot about the hand. I think I am going to learn a lot of things with the book. I am excited to learn the names of each bone parts in the hand.


Laurie T.


This book was really interesting to read.  The facts were presented in such a way to be fun, interesting and stick in kids minds.  They had a lot of fun with the activities in the book and learned some neat things like why the two middle fingers have to move together and the similarities between out hands and other animal’s hands.  The model helps to ‘see’ inside your hand while you are learning about the facts.  The kids also had a good time making different signs with the hand model.

Marie-Lise H.


Geneviève tried to make the hand and even following the directions she was unable to connect the wrist to the forearm part. I tried and ended up breaking off a part and then we had to turn those pieces around so that the hand could sit in the holder. All the other pieces went it fine and even with a broken like the hand was still stable in the holder. The book was fascinating. I didn't know that dolphin's had hand like joints inside their fin. There is a little part that address palm reading and that was funny to use and tell my kids their future. Interestingly all their palms said the same thing, they are really smart and if the study hard they will be able to achieve anything they want...

Sylvie O.


What a neat book for kids to learn about the anatomy of the hand. It was neat to see the reaction of my daughter when seeing all the different bones. She didn't think it resembled much the hand, but when explaining to her with all the skin, muscles and ligaments, that it would look pretty close to the real thing. We are looking forward to exploring this with her.


Manufacturer Description

Build your own life-sized skeleton hand with moveable joints. Scientifically accurate - and great for scaring your friends. With 20 hands-on experiments guaranteed to make you the handiest kid around. Hands down. From the Klutz Labs, home of the wacky side of science.

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  • Explore the handiest part of your body