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Klutz The World According to Klutz: A Reference Library for the Well-Rounded Goof


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $16.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

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I like the book about facts. It is full of hilarious facts I never knew. The invention book is crazy. Who wants to go poo while watching a baseball game using the Sport-A-Potty?! The book about how to never grow up is full of funny things....like how to fake a sneeze and how to say poop in different languages.



I love these books!! They are so funny. I really like the book of inventions - wouldn't it be cool to make some of these.



I already love the inventions book, it is going to be helpful with homework! I need to invent something and I can use the books for ideas.



The facts book is disgusting - it says there's bugs in things! Really gross!!! The book of inventions is really funny and weird and has all these kookoo inventions. The book of immaturity is really funny and cool with all these immature stuff to do. Some are really cool facts.


Julianne B.

Not exactly what I would call great literature but these books did provide a lot of enjoyment for my daughter (11). I have to admit I had a good laugh at a few of the entries myself. The books are well put together, very colourful and inviting to read. These are those types of books that you sit down with when you have 15 minutes to kill.

Jennifer Y.

I like the compact 5x7" size and the handy storage sleeve, and the humour is perfectly directed to my 8 year old boy's sense of humour. The Book of Immaturity stands out among the three. It is full of mischievous activities -- silverware somersaults, orange peel dentures, how to shake ankles... I wasn't a fan of the The Book of Inventions. I thought it would be things Jack (M8) could make, but it tells about silly inventions that you are not meant to [actually] try - smoke alarm with snooze button, outboard powered floaty. The Greatest Facts book is interesting -- Lightning strikes the same place twice, Your Mother wears boiled beetles, The sky is not blue. The enclosed sheet of stickers is amusing. It includes stickers to put on cans in the cupboard (This stuff tastes awful) and bumper stickers for your shoes (How're My Manners 1-800-yourenoonetotalk).

Marie-Lise H.


Love the small size, great pictures and the 3 books are very different. We all had a favorite. Mine was of the different facts, Mia ( 10 ) had inventions. She has a school project this year to invent something and she loves that she has jump on her homework. Sebastien ( 11) like the book of immaturity..not a big stretch in his case :-)

Rebecca Y.

This set of books was made for my kids (M5, M8, M9, F12)! It was great that my boys, who are not big readers, read these cover to cover. They love the immature humour in the different books, and I have to admit some of it is REALLY funny! There are the dumbest inventions and all sorts of toilet-talk humour that boys find so amusing. The set also comes with a sheet of really funny stickers. My favourite one (to put on the back of your shoes): 'How's my walking?'. The books had the kids rolling on the floor.

Orietta M.

These are an entertaining and strange sort of read, and an easy to read for young ones, that keeps them interested and introduces them to a different type of writing style that my child 8 was not familiar with.

) Marie-Lise Hache

Love the small size, great pictures and the 3 books are very different. We all had a favorite. Mine was of the different facts, Mia (F10) had inventions, and Sebastien (M11) liked the book of immaturity..


Manufacturer Description

A reference library for the well-rounded goof

To help defend today's youth against the painful consequences of growing up, we created a three-book collection that captures our ever-so-slightly subversive streak. Pure, unfiltered Klutz, in a convenient paperback format. The three books are:

The Encyclopedia of Immaturity® — Short Attention Span Edition: We present the best and most essential life skills and activities from our best-selling two volume set of Encyclopedias. How to Kick a Toilet Plunger Field Goal, How to Fake Sneeze, How to Make Your Dog Yawn. They're all here, painstakingly explicated and illuminated with full-color photographs, illustrations, and diagrams.

The Klutz Book of Inventions — Hall of Fame Edition: The most mind-blowing contraptions culled from our immature take on engineering. Wipe-ready Sleenex Shirt Cuffs! Fresh off the top of your head, it's the Orange Juice Squeezer Helmet! And don't overlook the sassy-yet-safe elegance of High Heel Training Wheels. See what happens when brilliant meets stupid head on. And they both win.

The Greatest Facts in the History of Facts: An all-new book of mind-blowing realities, guaranteed to provide a lifetime of conversation starters. Wild true tales of Mike the Chicken, who lived for two years after he lost his head; Roy Sullivan, the man who was struck by lightning seven times; and the shocking fact that turtles can actually breathe out of their butts. You read that right, their butts. It's the truth's greatest hits, according to us.

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