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Klutz Twirly Q's: Make Cute Creatures from Cardboard Coils


Age: 10 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $21.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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Ditch the glue provided, and use a glue gun! As presented, this craft was an exercise in frustration for all our testing families. The glue seems to stick to skin more than the paper you're trying to attach. And, it is very difficult to get off your fingers - even using lots of soap. It also takes a very LONG time to dry properly, much longer than the book suggests. But with adaptions, this can be a fun activity yielding some cute little creations. One parent thought to use paper clips to hold the coils together while they dried overnight. Another family found the craft much easier and more enjoyable to do using a glue gun. 




The problem was the glue, which in the instruction book said it would take an hour to dry but it took more like 5 hours to dry. The only thing the glue stuck to before it was dry was my fingers, and it didn't come off even when I washed it with tons of soap 7 times. It worked much better with a glue gun because it dried much faster and it stuck better. It turned out really cute and they give you lots of supplies so that you can make one of everything.



The glue kept sticking to my fingers, so it was really hard to make a whole creature.



The glue from what I made from this craft isn't sticking. I like making the extra acceseries.



after my sister did the art with the glue given, i saw that i didn't work so i said that we should use a glue gun. i tried this and it worked very well. my octapus turned out really, really cute and it was easy to make since the glue didn't stick to me and it dried very quickly. the only bad part is that they need to give you more of each color since some things can use 11 of a color and then you have none of that color left. i can't wait to make another cute animal.



I like having my bunny all done, but making it was not as much fun. The glue stuck to my fingers, but not to the paper. I spent most of the day holding on to the twirled paper waiting for it to dry. If I didn't wait long enough the pieces would come apart and I had to restart. It takes a lot of patience. Without my mom, I would not have finished it because I would have lost my patience. After I figured out how long I have to wait for a piece to dry, I decided to make many animals at a time and at the end I had a little zoo!


Golda W.


The initial high interest my 11-year-old had for this craft wore off quickly when he misplaced the curling tool. Until then, he created some remarkable creatures with the special paper.

Marie-Lise H.

This is not a quick craft, it does take time and pre-planning. Since every coil needs to be dried completely before it can be used, we made up all the coils needed for the bunny ahead of time. I used a big paper clip to hold some of the pieces together. After the overnight drying of the coils putting them together was not difficult, just needed more glue. The finished product is really cute. I would have hated spending so much time making a craft with my daughter and it not working in the end.

Joyce S.

We liked the craft once we used a glue gun instead. It turns out just like the pictures and the instructions are well done. The glue gun speeds up the time it takes to do the craft so the kids (F10 & F14) don't get bored in the middle because they have to wait a couple of hours for things to dry.


Manufacturer Description

Abrand-new book, a colourful new craft, and cute new friends — all rolled up in one

We're adding a few new faces to the Klutz family this season. They're colourful characters: small in stature but big in personality. And, even though they're a little tightly wound, you'll be happy to meet them.

Each of these irresistibly cute creatures starts as a handful of corrugated cardboard strips, in an assortment of rainbow hues. Wind strips into coils, then press them onto our custom shaping forms to create the round bellies and full dimension that bring each character to life. Next, easily assemble the pieces with our specially formulated tacky glue. Finally, add eyes and a few distinctive paper curls and flourishes. The results are totally charming: a sweet mouse, a spunky purple penguin, a decidedly plump bunny (to name just a few).

Our always-clear instructions and everything-you-need package guarantee success. Whether you make one of the adorable animals shown in the book or create a character of your own invention, you'll feel as proud as a peacock. A paper peacock, that is.

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  • wide and skinny paper strips about 14" (35.5 cm) long