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Klutz Watercolor Crush


Age: 8 to 12 years

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $18.99

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I liked this craft. There are very good instructions on how to mix the colours. There are also a lot of different backgrounds to choose from. You have to be careful to let everything dry before you paint next to it, otherwise it will mix and make a mess, and it is hard to paint on top of that. My painting turned out pretty good. I had a fun time doing this craft.



The paper is actually good quality, I was surprised. The paint is good quality for a kids book, I liked the instructions, they gave good ideas on how to paint. It's a little hard to have two people paint together, but we managed.



I like the pictures that I can paint on - the sayings and the animals to paint, I liked the ones with the sayings the best. I have never painted with watercolours before, so my paintings are kinda messed up. My sister (F16) tried to teach me how to paint, but after trying to use the right technique, I ended up just painting how ever I wanted and it was fun. It was fun to try to paint, but I find it time consuming. The pages were good quality, the brush is not so bad and the paint is OK. The instructions were good at giving me ideas, but I still rather do my own thing.



I like the paper. Also the way it teaches you to paint, use your brush, how to do different designs, and how to mix colours. I like choosing the different pictures, there are lots of options to choose from and I like how they provide lots of details in every picture that you can paint. This toy is great for me because I love painting so much.



At first I was painting normally and then I read to add some extra water to the paints themselves and it makes it fade. With less water it makes it lighter- so there are more colour choices. It's also very cool because you have to be careful to paint in the lines. They actually have some very magical drawings.


Rebecca Y.

Decent craft book, but not much more than a colouring book. I was disappointed in this craft. The pictures to paint weren't very exciting and the suggestions were ok, but didn't add too much. I found this to be more of a glorified colouring book.

Marie-Lise H.

It's a good introduction to a lovely craft. The paper is good quality, the paint appears to be adequate also for an introduction to this craft. Mia (F13) had never tried to use watercolors before. She did relatively well for a first effort. Her sister Genevieve (16) is more of an artist, so her paintings were much more detailed. But hey, they had a great time together. It takes a certain dedication to achieve the watercolour technique, Mia tried at first then she just painted the way she wanted and enjoyed herself. Mia is not the best artist and she tends to loose interest fast, she was able to finish 2 pages in 2 sittings which for her is good. I like that she spent time with her sister trying to learn how to paint. The paper quality is excellent, the instructions on how to layer and to watercolor were very good. It is expensive but the quality of the paper makes it a well priced craft.

Orietta M.

This is wonderful. My daughter loved this klutz book that she finished most of the pictures in two Weeks!!! She worked diligently completing all the pictures sometimes two a night. I can't believe how she read through the beginning of the book where she found many techniques she could use to make her paintings more interesting. I love the paper and that it included the paints and brush. The instructions and friendly tips at the beginning of the book are helpful to anyone looking to improve their water painting abilities. This book can be used for tweens or even adults or retired people who are looking to start a new hobby or revisit an old hobby. My daughter did not want to tear any of the pictures out of the book because she wanted to keep them in there like an album. A wonderful way to store the pictures, and I like that the pictures are perforated in case you want to frame them. I have never seen my daughter love an activity so much and finish it with love.

Lisa G.

Zahra (F9) really enjoyed this art set and really got to experiment with painting at a whole new level. Very cool illustrations to paint - whimsical and enchanting. She loves to paint and she has enjoyed making these little masterpieces. She likes playing he artist. Zahra is very proud of her work. The page inserts between paintings to protect them is brilliant. It's nice you don't have to pull out pages so at the end it's a little book of paintings. Very good quality paper- thick. Watercolor paint is average quality. Paint brush has a good tip that had protecting covering. Very easy to start and finish. She is reading technique tips as she goes. The painting dries quickly- then you can close it and put the paint and brush back in the pocket. I like that it kept her busy and she had a finished product. She paid particular attention to detail with the paintings. Nice to see her read and interpret the watercolor instruction guide. She took great care with this kit and she is asking if there are more kits like this.


Manufacturer Description

What comes after coloring? Watercoloring, of course! This book includes everything you need to make watercolor wonder: 18 high-quality watercolor paper pages to transform black and white illustrations into one-of-a-kind works of art, a book packed with tips, tricks, and techniques to help you express your inner artist, 7 premium watercolor paints in a rainbow of colors, an art-quality brush, and a palette mixing tray. You've never had a watercolor crush quite like this!

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