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Knock Your Blocks Off™


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $17.99

MSRP (USD): $15.99

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I like making the stuctures for my mom to knock over. This game is really quick and easy to play. If only I could make the towers faster than her!



I love it when I can play with someone, it's fun and exciting and I like to make a face like the king on the box, he looks so funny. We changed the rules a little so Kaï wants to play now.  I don't mind as long as I get to play.



I love this game!  It's fun to make the structures and be the first one, my mom is really good, she was always at first, then I practise enough so I beating her.  I also like to demolish the other structure.  My favorite way is to be like a dragon, I drop the dice from the air, and Bam! the crown falls off and I win a token!!



It is so much fun to try to build the tower with all the colours matching before the other players, so you get your token. It makes the game more interesting that each shape has its own advantages. It is also very fun to knock the the crown off other people's tower with the different methods that you roll.


Joyce S.


My kids liked the challenge of having to quickly come up with the correct pattern on the tower. They also had fun trying to knock the towers over. All around, it was fun.


Adult Tester

Definitely more an kid/adult game then a adult game.  Easy instructions.  Fun but it's a 2-step game, more like 2 games in one, maybe it should of been just one or the other...

Marie-Lise H.

I played this game with my son (9) and his friend (10) and I thought this was really easy and fun. When we tried to play with Kaï who is 7, that is where I saw where the age requirement comes into play. The demolition phase is easy for any age; it is the construction phase that's the problem. Sebastien (M9) really likes the game but he's 9 and has no problems making the structures. But there are a lot of variables to making the structures, that some 8 yr old might not be able to do yet. And when matching the colors, it's very easy to make mistakes and Kaï got upset that he was always the last to finish - and he made mistakes. So he didn't want to play anymore. To keep him playing, I suggested that I would make the structures, and he did the demolition. But he didn't want that either. We did get him to play again by amending the rules for him, so that if he made a mistake with the colors it didn't count. Sébastien was happy to have someone to play with, so he was not too picky if Kaï kept going first.


Manufacturer Description

Stack ‘em up … Knock ‘em down! First, race to build a structure by matching up the patterns on your blocks. Then use the battle die to knock off your opponent's crown! Depending on your roll, you may get to attack with an avalanche of boulders, a wall-smashing ogre, or even a fire-breathing dragon! Rack up the most victory points and crown yourself king of the block.

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Stock # 407

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  • 4 crown blocks (1 each in four different colors)