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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 7 to 14 years

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Our testers were excited to try out this new brick-style construction toy, and the TRANSFORMERS theme made it especially thrilling. Unfortunately, our target testers all became frustrated trying to work from confusing instructions and most gave up when they couldn't keep their creations from falling apart. Once built (by older family members) the car model seemed to hold together well enough to withstand some play. However, the robot just kept falling apart - the legs in particular wouldn't stay attached. We then tested the set with some older testers and found it to be a satisfying experience for these testers (even with a few missing pieces from the earlier test), both in terms of Transformers appeal and the building experience itself. 




This set was a block construction of bumblebee. You could either build the car version or the robot. The set does not allow an actual transformation, you choose to build either one or the other. I chose to build the robot form. We are a second family testing and the first family created the car form. The instruction manual was simple to use and easy to understand. The blocks are high quality and original. This set was very fun to build except for the slight problem of missing a few pieces, but we do not know if this is due to the parts missing from the original packaging or lost in transition. However, I managed to create most of the robot and it looks very cool. You can position it in many different ways but the joints got stuck sometimes. Otherwise, this set was very nice and I had lots of fun building it.



Not my favorite toy!



This was too hard! I think for age 12 and up.



I like making building  kits, I found these instructions to be very confusing.  I want to build something not play ``where`s Waldo `with pieces to see where they fit

And when I make something it's not with the idea of destroying it to make something else the next day, I like seeing my finished project.  I Knew the car was not going to convert to a Robot,there was no way.



I have increased my rating a little bit because I do like playing with the car after it,s done.  We never did get the Robot because my sister didn't want to do it.  She said making the car was hard enough.



The pieces of this set are really frutrating.  They do not stay together well and my guy keeps falling apart. 



Too hard for me to do.  I made too many mistakes.

It was hard to see where pieces went on the picture.



I tried to build it but I really could not read the instructions right, I had to look all over the place to find out where a piece went and after a few mistakes I gave up and handed it over to my older sister.  I will just play with the transformer after it's done building.

(after the car is finished ) What do you mean it doesn't convert! we have to start from the beginning again! Never mind I will play with the car just like it is. Maybe if pieces fall off I can ask my sister to make the Robot.



I like making building kits, but I found these instructions to be very confusing. I want to build something not play ``where`s Waldo `with pieces to see where they fit. I Knew the car was not going to convert to a Robot, but when I make something it's not with the idea of destroying it to make something else the next day. I like seeing my finished project.


Sue A.


We are the second family to test this particular toy. My son (M13)did not have any difficulty with the construction of the robot other then a few missing pieces. Regardless, he managed to create the robot to almost its intended form. He had no issues with the pieces snaping together and the set construction was fine as well. He did use some of his other building set pieces to replace missing ones in some cases and there was no issue with compatability. The final product looks great. There is some movement at the joints that worked very well. The feet were also nice and wide which allowed the robot to stand easily. Having a choice of two outcomes is great for kids who focus on the building of the toy rather then playing with it afterwards. This allows for building two seperate toys for the price of one. If you prefer playing with the toy, you may want to buy two boxes.

Aimee L.


This toy was too difficult and frustrating for my 7.5yr old son. 

Jennifer B.


This was a great set.  My son was excited about this game when he got it.  He had a bit of a tough time putting it together, the instructions were not perfectly clear for a 7 year old.  I think he got it almost finished and lost interest.  But would still make a great toy to have around, kept in a baggy, to build again and again. 

Marie-Lise H.

The instructions are not clear, it was too difficult for my 7 and my 9 yr old sons. Their 11 yr old sister did get through it and made the car. Once it's made it did stay together well enough for the boys to play with the car. They just had to get over the fact that it did not convert to a robot, you actually have to redo it from scratch.

Kendra D.


My son (almost 8) has never abandoned a building toy until this one. He finished the first car, took it apart and started building the robot. But the robots legs do not stay on well - the pieces do not go together well - and as such he has moved this aside.


Manufacturer Description

Bring the popular BUMBLEBEE character to life like never before! The 2-in-1 KRE-O TRANSFORMERS BUMBLEBEE set allows fans to create and recreate their favorite AUTOBOT character in ‘robot’ mode or in ‘vehicle’ mode. In ‘robot’ mode, builders can convert the wings on BUMBLEBEE into a glider for KREON mini figures to balance on. In ‘vehicle’ mode, open up the driver’s door and take up to two KREON mini figures for a spin. Set includes two KREON mini figures and more than 300 pieces.

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