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Last Mouse Lost

Foxmind Games

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $7.99

MSRP (USD): $7.99

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A very tactile, quick-playing strategy game. With its one simple rule, this game is super easy to understand: players alternate turns popping any or all adjoining "mouse" domes in the same row. The challenge is to make sure you're not left with the last mouse, so the game gets quite strategic as there are fewer and fewer bubbles left to pop. It's a very short game, ideally suited for when you only have a few minutes to spare - like before school or bedtime. And even when there's no one to join in a game, our testers loved just poking the domes and listening to the pops - very soothing and wonderful as a fidget toy. Our testing parents loved that the game is so portable, takes only minutes to play, is ultra durable and that there are no pieces to loose.




" I love popping the mice like bubble wrap!"



I like popping them, it's fun!



I like the Last Mouse game because it is easy to teach and Play



It looks like a delicious Eggo. I'm going to eat the Eggo now! Yum yum! As she proceeds to "eat" the Eggo by popping all the bubbles.



This is a fun game! It is so quick. I like pushing in the mice bubbles (even) when I am not playing. I carry it everywhere just in case I get bored.


Allison M.

This was a clever game. Everyone loved the bubble popping aspect to the toy, both adults and kids. The actual game was fun and quick. You could get a game in with only 5 minutes. Our 4 year old couldn't figure out the strategy and played more randomly, but our 7 year old was able to figure out a strategy to try and win. The skill level is similar to connect 4, which is another game he loves to play. The game was very cleverly designed in that there was just the one piece. With no pieces to loose, it was easy to play anywhere. Adults even enjoyed trying to play against each other for a quick game - it makes for a great office fidget toy, as well. It was a great that you didn't even have to reset the game as you could just flip the board over and play again.

Krista T.


Fantastic toy! The game is fun for all the family. Very simple to learn even a 2yr can play and win! Kids just love pooping the mouse heads! Overall this game is great in the car, house, and camping. enjoy!

Alice H.

It is sort of like having a never ending supply of bubble wrap and I have found that I am a little obsessive about just popping the buttons randomly, without playing the game. It is a very tactile object. In terms of playing it as a game. My husband called it "lame", I was sort of indifferent to the game part and our daughter (8) likes playing it, but doesn't seem to get that there is a bit of strategy involved, and thus pretty much always loses. But she still seems to like playing the game. She is also very drawn to the feel of the toy and has invented other ways to play with it.

Julie J.

This game really is perfect in my eyes...it is small, portable, washable, no pieces to use, quick to learn, quick to play, you have to use a bit of strategic thinking towards the end AND lots of fun! Similar to popping bubble wrap, players take turns pushing the bubble domes down, last player left with a bubble dome on the board looses. It really was addictive to play. Our first time playing it both our 6 and 8 year old were a bit confused about being able to push as many bubble domes down as they wanted in one turn, I think that was because they are very used to games that you are only allowed to play one move during each turn. After the first round though they quickly learned the concept.

Cathy M.

Simple game, minimal and straightforward rules. Major plus is that there are no loose pieces which is fantastic for storage. Also it is small and can be carried anywhere. The plastic/rubber it is made of makes it so it can be played on the beach, near water, anywhere. Quick go-to-game when only have 2 minutes to spare, but also good for longer stretches. My 5.5 year old daughter is unable to think strategically to win, but she still has fun with it; I think she mostly likes popping the mice. She is still trying to figure out how to be strategic to win and wants to push in all the mice. Our minds are used to winning when we are the first to complete something, but in this case it is reverse.


Manufacturer Description

The mice have just finished feasting and need to scurry into their holes. Don't be the last mouse standing or you might get caught by the cat!

How to play :

1. Players take turns pressing down any number of mice they wish in a single row.

2. The player who presses down the last mouse loses the round.

3. Whoever wins three of five rounds wins the game!

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